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Recommended Posts does not have that problem for me, at least not on my initial test with a single printer and a single, two-page, letter-sized document. Several releases ago, there were some problems with it doing the opposite of what I selected there, though. Are you running build 162? If so, can you give instructions on how you can reproduce this from a new document?

I do see what is probably a bug related to this, though: the print dialog does not remember your double-sided selection. Most applications, if you print the same thing twice without ever closing the application, the second time will have the settings pre-filled identically to what you selected the last time you printed. For instance, if I print a document in Word with two-sided printing selected, then make a quick edit and hit Ctrl-P to print again, two-sided printing will still be selected. Right now in Affinity Publisher, I have to explicitly re-select double-sided printing each time.

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Yes its working fine in build 162. I was running the previous version. After I installed 162 and tried it out, its fine. Thanks for the quick response.

When I add ups and include crop marks, its not visible in the preview. Any chance of a larger print preview window? As a digital print shoppe, we continuously need to print jobs of multiple sizes on a 13x19 inch paper size with n-ups and double side printing.

Since, my machine does not come with a rip software, it will be easier if we can do the print layout and preview in APub itself.



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