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  1. Brilliant first cut! Congrats! I have installed APub on windows & spent the past hour on it and liking it very much. I am unable to import word or notepad docs and automatically flow the text into pages. Am I missing something or is the feature unavailable. Thanks VJ
  2. Hi, I have been testing the Affinity Publisher Beta since its launch and find it to be performing well in most departments, but for a few glitches here and there which is being actively resolved by the developers in the subsequent builds. Kudos to them for the good work! One feature I would really like to see added in APUB to its already impressive list is "print preview". The ability to view the file to be printed, make imposition layouts, multiple ups, booklet layouts, add bleed, trim & registration marks will be a great help to the printing fraternity. With this one addition Affinity Publisher can break the monopoly of Corel Draw among the print industry in India. That said I have nothing against Corel Draw, it is a good, steady and mature software with lots of features and amazing ease of use. Its main drawback is its forbidding cost! I feel another able competitor in the market will bring about the right balance. Really appreciate if the APUB team can consider this feature for the future builds. Regards, Vijay
  3. While printing on both sides of the paper, whether you choose "flip short side" or "flip long side" under "double sided" in layout tab of print menu, the output is in the same direction. Regards, Vijay
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    Double sided printing

    Yes its working fine in build 162. I was running the previous version. After I installed 162 and tried it out, its fine. Thanks for the quick response. When I add ups and include crop marks, its not visible in the preview. Any chance of a larger print preview window? As a digital print shoppe, we continuously need to print jobs of multiple sizes on a 13x19 inch paper size with n-ups and double side printing. Since, my machine does not come with a rip software, it will be easier if we can do the print layout and preview in APub itself. Regards, Vijay
  5. Hi, 1. Create multiple picture frames. 2. Select all the picture frames. 3. Place a single photo (same photo) in all the frames. The photo in the first picture frame is in the right proportion, whereas the same photo in the other frames is distorted. Regards, Vijay
  6. Hi, Support for COLOR FONTS by the time you release the alpha will be appreciated. Thanks VJ
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    Auto text flow across pages

    Thanks for the tip!. I will try it out. VJ
  8. Hi I was using Affinity Designer on the Mac since its beta version and then purchased it when it was out of beta. Now for various reasons I have moved back to Windows. I am trying out the Windows Beta version and I believe a few features are in dire need: 1. A powerful bitmap tracing tool. 2. This tool needs to be available in Affinity Publisher as well. 3. Infinite page size a.la Corel Draw, for billboard artworks etc. 4. Bundle Affinity Photo, Designer & Publisher into one app. Since you already have personas, when you choose pixel persona, all Affinity Photo tools should be made available to the user. Likewise when you choose vector persona, AD tools and add another publisher persona where all the tools necessary for page layout and publishing is made available. Currently I am on Adobe CC subscription and many times as a designer I have faced issues in choosing the right tool for a project due to many overlapping features in the Adobe toolset. I have always felt Indesign & Illustrator should have been merged into one tool. Since your product is new, I feel you should consider the option of creating one more product (Affinity Graphic Pro) that bundles photo editing, vector design & page layout segregated on the basis of personas. I am sure it will be a powerful combination and there will be many takers out there for it. Those who need individual tools, say for photo editing, can buy Affinity Photo. People who need all three, like me, can go for the pro version. Please do give it some thought. Regards, Vijay
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    Power Trace & Single App

    Hello Hokusai, thanks for the update. Regards, Vijay
  10. Hi, I purchased Affinity Designer for Mac in Sep 2015. ORDER ID MHJ65YYJB9 DOCUMENT NO. 139107557809 Later on I switched over to Windows for various reasons. Now AD is in beta for Windows. As I have already paid for the mac version, can I get a Windows version AD when it is out of beta as I am not using the mac version? Regards, Vijay