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align and distribute function works very strange

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IF you have selected several objects and then clicked on the Move tool to open the context toolbar, and selected the Show Alignment tool (vertical line with two inward  facing arrows)
1743372266_AffinityAlignmentContextshowhandles.PNG.ef5752f13969846c3fa86551ccc74f86.PNG to show Alignment Handles, then unless you go back and toggle Show Alignment Handles Off,
alignment handles will show in every new object you create, including text boxes. 

2038864610_AffinityAlignmenttextboxwithhandles.PNG.90e4d24d46772b50c92c1ca5101a6388.PNG     This allows you align text boxes, a bonus, because it it seems to me that, unlike selecting several objects then opening the Alignment Context toolbar by clicking on the Move,   you cannot select several text boxes (not other objects)  and then open the Alignment tool bar by clicking on the Move button.  


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