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Eugene Tyson

Spine Width Calculator

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Hi Everyone

Spine widths for books are usually calculated by the printer, it's based on the micron thickness of the stock of paper, the thickness of the glue, if it's threadsewn or not, and most importantly the amount of pages in the publication.

Spine widths are only for books that are perfect bound (with a spine on them).

It's a bit of a pain when the printer comes back and tells you it should be 15mm instead of 8mm that you originally hoped it would be. 

I've created an excel file just for this reason - it gets you 99% of the way to the correct spine width. 


Insert the page numbers, then select if it's threadsewn or not. 

Follow the table to match your stock to paper weight to get a close approximation of the spine width. 

Check with your printers to ensure all is ok.

Hope it helps!

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