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Hello. I couldn't find a direct answer to this. Is there a way to sculpt a pencil line in the desktop version of Affinity designer. I love using this feature on the iPad and find the Pencil tool basically useless to me without it.  


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A Sculpt option was added to the Pencil tool in Publisher (Desktop) very recently so I would say that there's probably a good chance that it will be available in the next release of Designer on Desktop (I think it would be a bit odd if it was added to Publisher but not Designer, where it would probably be used more).
For people like me who didn't know what the Sculpt option is - and because it's not mentioned in the Publisher help - here's a link that shows what it does: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/63185-ad-ipad-sculpt-tool-explanation-please/

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