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Booklet printing/pdf issue

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I really love this product, especially the Booklet facility. However, I have yet to workout how to save a PDF to send to the printer so I cannot use it and am stuck with MS Publisher!  I am using A3 or the US equivalent to build out my pages for double sided, booklet printing. However, when I go to print and select the page sizes, the preview is in red, with content outside the displayed print area. I set the page up for Letter size during the build and the pages are displayed as double the Letter size so I can add content to both sides.

Maybe I am not setting it up properly: When I set up the document, I select Spread Setup and select Page. I select ANSI A. I then select Spread and select ANSI B Landscape and save. I then go back to Spread Setup and the Page has changed to ANSI B. No matter how many times I change this it reverts to the size I last select either under the Page or the Spread setting.

Moving On. I create the pages from my content and everything looks good inside the development area. Now, I go to print to a PDF file in Booklet mode but, no matter which setting I use, the thumbnail always indicates the content is outside the printable area. On the one occasion I managed to save the PDF in what appeared to be OK for print, when it printed, it printed letter size on the ANSI B paper.


As mentioned, I REALLY LOVE the functionality of this product and I really wish I could use it!


Can you please tell me the settings I need to create a booklet to print on 11 x 17 (double Letter size) so I can really rave about this product?










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Hi John,

I split this into a new thread so it can be kept separate from the initial post, as they seem to be slightly different issues.

Is it possible for you to attach the document that you have set up that you are printing, and also let me know what print settings you are using within the Print > Layout dialog?


Serif Europe Ltd. - www.serif.com

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