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    Feature request : Shadows

    AH! I found it... sorry for the trouble and appreciate your help! I had to click on "Effects" in the "View" menu
  2. john77477

    Feature request : Shadows

    This is what I get. How did you get to the screen you showed? I appreciate your help!
  3. john77477

    Feature request : Shadows

    Have they fixed this yet? There is no way I can add a drop shadow now without the Gaussian Blur turning itself on. I go back in and turn it off but, there is no effect visible. In addition, even if I could, there is no way to control the angle, etc.
  4. Hi, I created a booklet, using Letter spread to print on Ledger sized paper and saved it in a PDF file. In the print dialog, everything looks great but when it creates the PDF, it fills the Ledger paper with only the original Letter "image" and doesn't include the "spread" page. The document has a total of 12 Letter sized pages, using 3, double-sided printed pages. I get 6 PDF pages but only half of the spread page. Does that make sense? I've attached the Publisher file, the PDF output and a screenshot of the print setup. Please help!!!! test booklet.pdf November-1.afpub
  5. john77477

    Booklet printing not working

    Thanks Mike! It works if I select Landscape rather than automatic. You're my hero!
  6. I really love this product, especially the Booklet facility. However, I have yet to workout how to save a PDF to send to the printer so I cannot use it and am stuck with MS Publisher! I am using A3 or the US equivalent to build out my pages for double sided, booklet printing. However, when I go to print and select the page sizes, the preview is in red, with content outside the displayed print area. I set the page up for Letter size during the build and the pages are displayed as double the Letter size so I can add content to both sides. Maybe I am not setting it up properly: When I set up the document, I select Spread Setup and select Page. I select ANSI A. I then select Spread and select ANSI B Landscape and save. I then go back to Spread Setup and the Page has changed to ANSI B. No matter how many times I change this it reverts to the size I last select either under the Page or the Spread setting. Moving On. I create the pages from my content and everything looks good inside the development area. Now, I go to print to a PDF file in Booklet mode but, no matter which setting I use, the thumbnail always indicates the content is outside the printable area. On the one occasion I managed to save the PDF in what appeared to be OK for print, when it printed, it printed letter size on the ANSI B paper. As mentioned, I REALLY LOVE the functionality of this product and I really wish I could use it! Can you please tell me the settings I need to create a booklet to print on 11 x 17 (double Letter size) so I can really rave about this product? Help!
  7. john77477

    Spread SetUp Keeps Reverting

    Same problem as Travis for me also. I just hope they either do a tutorial or respond to this thread!
  8. john77477

    Print problem

    I really LOVE the facilities in Publisher, especially in the Print section where I can select "Booklet" but, I'm having real problems in getting it to output correctly. I set the spreads up as Letter size and the print (to PDF) as A3 but, the output is completely wrong, only "printing" portions of each page. Maybe I have the setup wrong but I've tried just about every possible combination and just can't get it to output correctly. sept 2018-8.pdf sept_2018-6.afpub
  9. john77477

    Print problem

    Thanks Alfred I'll check to see if this makes a difference but, as the difference in dimensions are not that great, I don't think it will compensate for the difference I'm seeing on the PDF.
  10. I was having serious problems with opening fikles when stored on an external (cloud) drive. I haven't had any since storing locally on my C drive
  11. [Split by moderator from this thread] When I try to save, it often states that ownership cannot be verified and so, the file will close, which it does and I lose the work I did between saves. At the moment, the program is not usable for any serious work.
  12. It would be nice if it is possible to add some features to the images: Add caption and drop shadow, for example, within Publisher.
  13. Hi, I think I worked out how to setup the print version by using "Booklet." However, as I was building out a test bulletin, I tried to save the project and it gave an error, stating that ownership could not be verified and the file will close, which it did and I lost some of my work. I re-opened the file and it asked if I wanted to open the recovery file, which I did. It reverted back to the last saved version.
  14. This looks like the start of a really GREAT product! However, I did not find any tutorial on printing the brochure (exporting to PDF). I do a monthly bulletin in Publisher (A3 landscape split into 2 facing pages) and have to provide 2 PDF's: One to show the flow of the document and once approved, another for print). As you know, the page layout for review and print are different. I would love to switch to the Affinity product for this and so, can you do a tutorial for this please! Thanks!