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  1. AH! I found it... sorry for the trouble and appreciate your help! I had to click on "Effects" in the "View" menu
  2. This is what I get. How did you get to the screen you showed? I appreciate your help!
  3. Have they fixed this yet? There is no way I can add a drop shadow now without the Gaussian Blur turning itself on. I go back in and turn it off but, there is no effect visible. In addition, even if I could, there is no way to control the angle, etc.
  4. It would be nice if it is possible to add some features to the images: Add caption and drop shadow, for example, within Publisher.
  5. Hi, I think I worked out how to setup the print version by using "Booklet." However, as I was building out a test bulletin, I tried to save the project and it gave an error, stating that ownership could not be verified and the file will close, which it did and I lost some of my work. I re-opened the file and it asked if I wanted to open the recovery file, which I did. It reverted back to the last saved version.
  6. This looks like the start of a really GREAT product! However, I did not find any tutorial on printing the brochure (exporting to PDF). I do a monthly bulletin in Publisher (A3 landscape split into 2 facing pages) and have to provide 2 PDF's: One to show the flow of the document and once approved, another for print). As you know, the page layout for review and print are different. I would love to switch to the Affinity product for this and so, can you do a tutorial for this please! Thanks!
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