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Affinity Publisher on Windows - Canvas is clipping and PAN tool is not working

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Hello sir, 

I just downloaded the updated version of Affinity. I had been working on Inkscape for some logos. I've a small canvas of 256 x 256 pixels. All referenced stuff is on the page but not on printable area..

So I thought let's try this on Affinity Publisher.  I opened SVG made in inkscape into Affinity Publisher. So everything out of the printable area was hidden vertically. but visible Only horizontally. 

May be I am using the wrong apps that Affinity is not for such stuff.. but what if I"m working on small Visiting Cards with small fixed size of canvas and a lot of content on the page. I need to put on the document for references.  Secondly if i'm zoomed out enough that  the whole page is visible, PAN tool doesn't work. For the both issues I've made a screen recording. Please take a look... Am i doing something wrong of it is actually a bug.

Thank you.

(I'm sorry for poor English)

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Hi mfarooqi

The pasteboard not showing above a certain height is intentional and is the centre point between two pages (even though you only have a single page there)

I think we already have the inability to pan hen zoomed out logged but i shall check and if not then i shall let the development team know


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