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Convert artistic text to frame text

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1 hour ago, fde101 said:

You can select the text, cut, create the text frame, and paste.

Being able to convert directly would be nice but I don't see that option either.

That is what I do... but this is one of the (relatively newer) Illustrator features I do wish Affinity had.

(The way it works in that program, a little symbol that looks like a handle can be double-clicked and it changes from a circle to a square depending on the mode. It's pretty darn functional!)

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Given that each has capabilities that don't make sense in the other case, this would cause a loss of something depending on what was actually being used: if a text box is linked to another text box, I would guess that link would be broken, so how would you handle the conversion?  If the artistic text is on a path, you would lose the path?

It seems like a nice feature, but it would probably need to be limited to those cases where the conversion is effectively lossless (not available for a linked text box or for text on a path, for example), or generate some kind of warning or something about what would be lost?

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This is definitely true. Illustrator handles this just by breaking the connection, if a text box is linked to another one. (It doesn't do a great job of demonstrating that break happening, which has probably led to my frustration once or twice! A warning would be really welcome I think.) I still think it would be well worth it to have.

also, I just checked in Illustrator and it doesn't appear that you can convert text on a path to a frame. But that does seem like a less likely scenario to me - never thought to do that before.

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