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[AD Windows] Scaling a fx on several similar objects

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Could it be possible to modify in a single operation an "fx" applied to a large number of objects (the same duplicated several tens, even hundreds of times)? For the moment we are constrained to open all groups to select all the objects they contain to make the modification, which is really tedious.

I take an example of what bothers me: I create a pattern that must remain vectorial from a single object (to which I have applied a "fx"). I duplicate this object to obtain a line and then I duplicate this line, I move the copy under the original to group it with it, and I repeat the operation until I cover the desired surface.

If I want to keep this pattern for later use at another scale, and if unfortunately I forgot to check "Scale object" in the "fx" window, the appearance will change after resizing the whole. The possibility to directly select the drawing to correct my omission would be a time saving especially if there is only one type of fx applied.

Thank you.

Changer fx.png

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Hi @reglico,

You can select all the layers you want to modify, open the FX panel and make the adjustments. 

A better practice would be to work with symbols :)

7. Symbols and Assets

•        Symbols (1.5)

•        Assets (1.5)



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Hi GabrielM and thank you for the answer.

It seems that the mistake I made was to group the objects together at the beginning.

If the objects are grouped (for example by line) and then I select all the layers, the fx that is applied to the objects is not visible. If I click on "3D", a second 3D fx is added to the first and the aspect changes. I am obliged to expand the groups one by one and select the objects to modify the fx.

On the other hand, if I do not group the objects in the line before duplicating it, the fx is displayed and I can effectively modify the whole thing at once.

Thank you for the suggestion of the assets, the initial form is indeed an asset that I had created.

On the other hand, I hadn't thought about symbols, but in any case, objects should not be grouped.

Thank you again for your quick answer.

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