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  1. Hello Rizki Akbari Utama, You can do a Boolean "Add" operation with both shapes and then apply a gradient to the filling. The gradient will not be pixelated when exporting svg.
  2. Hello inspiredmac, In addition to what @toltec said, hold down the "Shift" and "Ctrl/Cmd" keys together by dragging one of the corners of the shape selection frame to force magnification from the center.
  3. reglico

    Illustration Journey - MSUHR

    Hello Matias, I really like your drawings and I will be happy to wait for the new ones.
  4. @walt.farrell, I had initially considered this option but as it was a circle, I thought there would be no reset (in size, I hadn't thought about rotation) and I hadn't tested it. Indeed, this seems to be the fastest solution to the problem of @wscrcom.
  5. Hello walt.farrell, In the context toolbar, use the button to the right of the eye.
  6. Hello wscrcom, You can redo the central curve: draw the ring and then the central bar. Orient the center bar at the right angle (you can draw it horizontally and then tilt it) and position it before doing "Add", so you won't have to rotate the curve and the size of the set will be correct.
  7. reglico

    True TRIM Tool

    Sorry, I just saw that the question concerns iPad and I answered for the desktop version!
  8. reglico

    True TRIM Tool

    @RichardM, if you don't want a mask, you can convert the photo to a curve, then select the shape and photo and do a Boolean operation "Intersect".
  9. reglico

    True TRIM Tool

    Hello RichardM, If I understood what you were looking for, @Mithferion gave you the answer. He did not do a Boolean operation, it is enough in the layers to drag the thumbnail of the photo into the one of the cog in order to obtain a horizontal blue rectangle to the right of it.
  10. Hello Gary-ser, For example, you can draw four very thin lines and apply a slight Gaussian blur, as I did. Then adjust to your liking according to the desired effect.
  11. reglico

    Tea cup illustration

    Your work is absolutely fantastic!
  12. Hello Dan, It's good to know that this will be studied by the developers, thank you!
  13. @RonCla, thanks for the feedback, I think Dan will have a better solution for you!
  14. I did a test by duplicating the letter, the lower letter having "Soften" applied and the upper letter not. By playing with opacity and mixing I got this (screenshot). The result is far from perfect and you will certainly get a simpler solution with someone else!
  15. Hello RonCla, Try to adjust with "Soften".