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  1. For a specific use you can create a brush with transparency.
  2. HI Max N, Try this. Segment.wmv
  3. Hello ygoe, I installed this font two years ago and I don't have this problem (Windows and Affinity Designer 1.6.4), see my screenshot. If you are interested, I attach file of the font installed on my machine. I hope this can help you.
  4. Hello a.beck, Maybe an "outline" fx?
  5. Yes, we "fired" at the same time!
  6. Hello Trockennasenaffe, You can snap the first one on the left side and the last one on the right side (or up and down), then select the set and align by checking "Selection Limits".
  7. Hello ONSO, Really very impressive, a big bravo for this wonderful work!
  8. Hello CJTADC1963, Switch to "Pixel Persona", right click on the image, choose "Rasterize", the layer changes from "Image" to "Pixel", select the "Selection Brush" tool and pass it over the area to make transparent and do "Delete". Only the part of the image treated by the selection brush remains.
  9. Hello Morten_Hjort, This looks like a drawing to which "Expand Stroke" has been applied. If this is the case, increase the stroke value to thicken the drawing.
  10. Hello iTux, Select the two outer circles, "Layer" menu, "Expand Stroke". Then select the three circles and do the "Subtract" operation.
  11. Hello NealO, thanks for your feedback, Best regards.
  12. @R C-R, As you point out, the feeling varies according to the individuals and I express my feeling, as did @firstdefence and to a certain extent @Alfred for whom the"discomfort" is not the same according to the shade of blue. About clothing, I have a navy blue fleece jacket with a red collar without transition between the two colors, and this association has always bothered me, although the material does not reflect much light. It is a jacket that I did not choose (I received it as a gift) but when I wear it I do not see myself, so I am not too disturbed! Adding another color between blue and red (or other colors) apparently allows the eye (at least mine) to adapt more easily to the transition.
  13. Hello Toltec, I don't know if we owe the right-hand drive to Napoleon, but as a right-handed person myself, I'm happy to shift gears with my right hand, I'm more comfortable than with my left hand!
  14. Hello R C-R, No matter the environment in which the T-shirt will be, the blue placed directly on the red will always attack the eye, it is not a criticism on my part, just an observation. In heraldry there is an absolute rule: it is forbidden to place for example a piece of furniture of Azure (blue) on a background of gules (red), in general one never puts metal on metal or enamel on enamel. This may not really have anything to do with our T-shirt, but if these rules were established there is a good reason, certainly related to the legibility of the coats of arms.