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  1. Hello skinnyjim, Glad to know your problem solved!
  2. For me, %AppData%/Affinity/Designer/1.0/ works. Do not put any space before and after the /.
  3. You are absolutely right but unfortunately it is not Serif's policy (for example for Affinity Designer) given the elementary functions that are still missing from the software despite the fact that it has been on the market for some time now!
  4. I don't know if this is appropriate, but converting the photo (if it is an image and therefore not rasterized) into curves and doing an "Intersect" operation will crop the image.
  5. Hello Ibohen, Mount the photo layer in the rectangle layer until you get a horizontal blue rectangle to the right of the thumbnail.
  6. Hello Kellygirl H, If you want to create a new text, place your wallpaper and type your text on top. In the layers, move the wallpaper in the text so that you get a horizontal blue rectangle at the bottom right of the thumbnail.
  7. reglico

    Cutting a line

    You can also draw a circle, cut it where you want with a very thin line. Select the set, "Expand Stroke", and do a Boolean operation "Divide". Then remove the unwanted parts.
  8. reglico

    Cutting a line

    To draw an arc you can also use the "Ring" tool. Draw a ring, bring the red point of the inner circle onto the outer circle, which gives a circle. Then adjust the length of the arc using the context bar.
  9. If you delete the folder itself, it will be recreated automatically.
  10. I was still using the slash (W10) and I just tried the back-slash, both work.
  11. Hello puffin bird, You must type slashes (/) and not back-slashes (\) into the address.
  12. Draw a first circle, "Ctrl/Cmd + J", move it to the desired place and repeat "Ctrl/Cmd + J" as many times as necessary to have a complete line. Select the entire line (all circles), "Ctrl/Cmd + J", move the resulting copy down and make "Ctrl/Cmd + J" again as many times as necessary to cover the desired area. Group the whole thing together. Go to "View", "Studio" and tick "Assets". The assets panel opens on the left side of the screen. With your selected circles, click on the "hamburger" to the right of the name of the category in which you are going to place them. Choose "Add from selection". Then, to use an asset, click on it in the panel and simply drag it over your drawing. IMPORTANT: do not forget to group all your circles before putting them in the assets. If you do not do so, they will be placed individually. I made a quick example, without shifting the points.
  13. Hello Dock, I don't know if this is right for you, but you can create a vector pattern and insert it inside the shape, it will simply be clipped. This allows its subsequent modification independently of the shape itself. Instead of putting the pattern in styles you can put it in assets so that it is always available.
  14. Unless I'm mistaken, I think I remember seeing somewhere on the forum that vector brushes are planned for the future but when?