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  1. Hello pupsala, The purple lines show the objects that are candidates for snapping. To remove these lines, click on the small arrow to the right of the magnet and untick "Display magnetic elements" (I'm not sure about the translation, sorry).
  2. Hello kconkling, For your last question, have you tried to apply styles that appear empty to an object? If these styles are saved, they certainly exist but their content may be too small or the color close to the background of the thumbnail. On my screenshot you can see a style that looks empty but does exist: it is applied to a square on the page.
  3. Draw the trapeze, turn it over vertically. Draw a rectangle inside the trapeze. Select both shapes, do a Boolean operation "Add" to keep only the trapezoid. "Layer", "Convert to text shape", type the text. or (conversely): Draw the trapeze, turn it over vertically. Draw over a rectangle covering it completely. Select both shapes, do a Boolean "Intersection" operation to keep only the trapezius. "Layer", "Convert to text shape", type the text.
  4. Bonjour RomainC, Votre trait est trop court, passez le tiret de 1-1 à 2-2 ou 3+3...
  5. @Mark Ingram, I could still live with this behavior when double-clicking on a Designer file launched the Beta version of Designer since I hadn't made the choice of the application to use with a right click, but since I installed the latest Beta version of Affinity Photo, if I double-click on a Designer file, this file will be opened systematically in Affinity Photo (Beta). There's no need to lecture me, I know what it's like to be a Beta tester, I used to use Beta testers to test them, but when I want to open and use a file created with the release version, I want that file to open with the release version, and especially in the right software, for example a Designer file with Designer and not Photo as it is now, if you can't understand this..... You may find this behaviour normal, not me, it's like in an office suite, I click on a spreadsheet and it's the word processor that opens! Don't worry, the Beta test is over for me, I will wait for the completed versions and as for the forum I wonder if it's worth staying for in view of this kind of answer.
  6. Hello WhiteX, You can do Boolean operations between shapes and lines, you need to "Expand Stroke" lines before doing the operation.
  7. Hello Pšenda, As you can see from this thread: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/77340-by-design-icons-on-windows-10/&tab=comments#comment-404660 the latest Beta version now systematically opens AD files and since this behavior is considered normal, you're right, I stop testing with Beta, I just deleted them.
  8. DoctorX, I think it is better to create a large asset, so that it can be used if necessary on large forms. You can then pull the asset out so that it completely covers the form to be filled in. Cut (Ctrl/Cmd + X") the asset, select the shape, "Layer", "Insertion", "Inside". In this way the shape will be filled by the lines that will always be modifiable in size, spacing, color or orientation. This method only creates one mask and will not be suitable for all situations. Another method is to bring the asset on the shape, "Ungroup", reduce the thickness of the lines, "Expand Stroke", then adjust the thickness of the lines to obtain the desired dimension, adjust the orientation, the spacing between the lines and then do "Add". Finally, select the shape and lines and press "Subtract". In this way the shape obtained does not have a mask but all adjustments must be made before "Add".
  9. Hello DoctorX, Draw your lines (for example), group them and keep them selected. In the "assets" panel click on the "Hamburger" to the right of the name of the category in which you want to place the lines and choose from the "Add from Selection" drop-down list. If you are on Mac the method proposed by @gdenby will work since it offers it, but if you are on Windows, dragging the drawing directly into the "Assets" window does not work, you have to go through the "Hamburger".
  10. No problem, don't worry, I didn't take your message badly!
  11. Thanks haakoo for the method, if I think about using the right click in the explorer I can choose the right program, the problem is that I have the reflex to make a double click! I also use XnView and even after choosing the default program I don't always have the right-click reflex and the files open with APh Beta, I am incorrigible. Thank you again for your answer, have a good day.