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  1. reglico

    Satori Sans - Free Font

    Hello Arnaud Mez, Forgive me, but I'm going to be the devil's advocate: it's very nice of you to offer this font for free, but I see that it's paid for (even if it's not expensive) and if it was offered free of charge by Tom Cargill to a very small number of his friends, I don't know if he would like to see it broadcast for free to a large number of potential buyers. I hope I do not shock you by my position on the subject but I put myself in the place of your friend Tom Cargill. Sincerely.
  2. Ultimately what is missing is a shape gradient tool like DrawPlus that allows regular rotation without deforming the intermediate shapes.
  3. reglico

    How can i split a text layer in two?

    Thanks for the feedback, hopefully a dedicated tool will arrive soon!
  4. Apparently in this case the center of rotation of the shape itself does not have to be moved but care must be taken to select the center point in the "Transform" window of the studio.
  5. You're right Alfred, I didn't pay attention to that! The result seemed "strange" to me but I was focused on moving in a straight line. It appears that the shapes rotate alternately (one out of two) clockwise and counter-clockwise, this is a strange result, I expected the rotation to be done in the same way at each step. I had already noticed this type of behavior by putting shapes in circles, for example flower petals: the "Ctrl + J" place the new shape alternately on one side or the other of the circle, a little like tightening a car wheel. I didn't check since the final result was correct but maybe it depends on whether the total of the shapes to place is an even or odd number? What doesn't matter on a circle is apparently a straight line problem.
  6. A non-automatic way to do this, until better: draw a shape, "Ctrl/Cmd + J", apply rotation without moving, "Ctrl/Cmd + J" again as many times as necessary. Then select the ensemble and space horizontally.
  7. Hello firstdefence, If @blackxacto is under Windows, this option unfortunately does not exist.
  8. reglico

    hiding marching ants

    Thanks for the clarification, I didn't get the nuance.
  9. reglico

    hiding marching ants

    Hi tonyp, "Ctrl + D" ("Cmd + D" for Mac)
  10. reglico

    Import DrawPlus Styles

    Thanks for the feedback, Valenti.
  11. reglico

    Import DrawPlus Styles

    Hello, Valenti, You can use a PD style in AD but there is no fast method and to my knowledge you can only do it for one style at a time. In DP, create a large square without outline, apply a style to it. Export to.png. In AD, "Place" the file and convert it to curves. In the "Styles" tab of the layer panel, expand the hamburger at the top right and choose "Add a style from the selection".
  12. reglico

    How can i split a text layer in two?

    The colours were chosen at random! As for the official flag colours, they are subject to shades, even if they are well defined.
  13. reglico

    How can i split a text layer in two?

    I'm not going to quibble and they are my neighbours, I grew up 10 minutes from Luxembourg, so it's a bit like family!
  14. reglico

    How can i split a text layer in two?

    I hadn't thought of the mask solution!
  15. reglico

    How can i split a text layer in two?

    In any case, once cut and moved, the text is no longer editable. To keep it editable (so in a single layer), I would use a gradient.