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  1. For those who may be interested, MS Expression Design 4 is now free. Text distortion can also be done with DrawPlus by Serif.
  2. Hello Simon Degay, You are right and it is to be hoped that once the function is added to AD, the text will remain editable after its implementation, which is the minimum for a vector program.
  3. Hello hellobill, At the moment AD does not know how to do this but the function is on the roadmap and will be implemented in a future update. For the moment you have to go through Affinity Photo to do it.
  4. Hello, Mvdarbs, Select an object, keep the "Ctrl/Cmd" key pressed and move the mouse (without pressing one of its buttons) to a second object to see the distance between them. If you do not hover over any object, the distances between the selected object and the sides of the page are displayed as soon as you move the mouse.
  5. Thank you for your feedback!
  6. Hello, Wafer, As indicated by @>|<, expand "Layer", "Fill" and choose "Alternate".
  7. I agree with you, but since the original question was about text converted to curves, I found the answer from carl123 appropriate.
  8. Hello, If the text is converted to curves, the solution proposed by @carl123 also works with AD.
  9. Hello, Walt, Thanks for the info, the last Beta causing me too many problems, I only use version It is a good thing that this possibility of blocking or not has been added.
  10. Hello MEB, I am under Windows, I have the same problem and I can't find any padlocks to unlock anywhere, is it really present under this OS?
  11. @bpedit, if you use for example the character "Alt + 0108", you get a full circle. Set the filling to transparent and the contour to color, adjust the thickness of the contour. When you convert to curves, the contour is not doubled.
  12. Hello bpedit, To keep the vector circles, you can draw the lines, convert them into text plots and use a font like Wingdings to type your circles by choosing the character that suits you.
  13. reglico

    Geometry Add feature failing

    Hello Ahelton, Make sure with the snapping that the contour of the star is on the contour of the rectangle, this should solve the problem. I made a test and an offset of the star towards the outside, even tiny, prevents the addition.
  14. reglico

    Hang running (split)

    Thanks for the clarification, I wasn't looking in the right place. I can't attach the file directly, the file address (in the TEMP folder) is not recognized. If I make a copy of the file and move it to another location on the disk, I get a message that the file no longer exists in its original folder. I've wasted enough time with this story, I'll see if I'll have a better chance with a future version, but for now I stop getting upset about this problem, thanks for the help.
  15. reglico

    Hang running (split)

    Hello Mark, The emptying operation apparently runs in a loop and does not end, the file remains empty after several attempts.