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I have used photoshop all my life for editing comics and last week I bought Affinity Photo because I heard great things about it and I wanted to stop being chained to photoshop (lol). I'm going to list all the problems I've encountered so that maybe in the future these things will be improved.

- When I copy text in italics, Affinity Photo (AP from now on) pastes that text in italics. That's a nice touch. However, it also pastes the text in the original text font, which I believe would be a nice option if it were a choice. I mean, I need to use the same font many times when I'm editing a page so to have to change it back to the font I want every single time is a bother. The only solution I found is to change the font in the original doc into the font I want AP to use. 

- The font in AP always always always turns 12pt. I wish it would remain the same size. It would be great to change into the size I want and then remain that size until I tell AP otherwise.

- I can't record text stroking action. Ugh... I soooooo wish I could record that action because I have to go to add a stroke, which of course doesn't "remember" that the last time I used a stroke it was 2,5 and white. Please, let AP remember! :D

- Basically my main problem is that AP doesn't remember actions. Text size, stroke, centered/left/right/justified, italics, etc. I have to change them every single time I paste text. The time I need to finish a page is too long for me to consider using AP permanently. At least for now.

- I know that macros exist but unfortunately their life is so fleeting! When I turned off my computer and opened the software the next day, the macro library was gone. Okay, no problem, I can record all the actions again. Turns out, I can't :S The software crashes (I believe somebody already pointed this problem and I think you're already working on it). So I can never record those actions again. They made things a little easier and now they're gone...

- When I add new text, that creates a new layer, but unfortunately the layers sometimes are added at the bottom of the layer list and sometimes these new layers are covered by the older ones. Maybe it would be better than the new layers are added at the top of the list.

I really like AP,  I think it has nice options and it could easily be better than photoshop in no time. It's just that these things prevent me from using it. Please, let AP remember! :D :D 

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I forgot about the layers and wanted to add it.

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