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Bug: Resource Manager Unlinking images still leaves them embedded.

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The Affinity Brochure-v2.afpub document that can be downloaded has all the images etc embedded in the document which makes it rather large at 267.2MB

I thought I would try to reduce that file size by having the images etc linked instead of embedded.

I opened the Resource Manager (Document > Resource Manager) and unembeded all the graphics/images to make them linked files, Saved the document with a new name and close it, the file size stays the same and when you open it again you are asked if you want to import the embedded files into your assets panel.

It seems that the linking of files is not yet working as it should.

In the Resource Manager clicking on the Name tab doesn't sort the files alphabetically either up or down.

Also the space for the file hierarchy isn't big enough for some of the longer titles, see the attached screenshot.


For a Beta release it has a lot of useful functionality, there are obviously areas that don't work as they should but on the whole it's a great start. As they say "Rome wasn't built in a day"!

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Hi StevieB,
Sorry the delay getting back to you. The embed/linked images issues are already known and are being looked at. This will be hopefully fixed in a future beta update.
The Name tab issue (sorting) in the Resources Manager was already fixed in the beta v1.7.0.58. Same for adjusting the column's widths.

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