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Good for this first beta version.
For paragraph styles it would be more useful to put the leading at the body level, the two go together.
It lacks more typographic management with non-breaking thin spaces for characters ;:!?
Plan to move the point of origin of the page (point 0) in the page.
Add the value of the gutter next to the number of columns in the toolbar.
Ability to divide the page structure into columns.

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I do have an interesting thing which I will post under this title,

I have three varieties of Garamond Type installed on my PC, one of them does not have a Bold version. Pub shows them as 13 faces not distiguishing between two different faces (EB Garamond and Adobe Garamond). When I want to use Adobe Garamond there is often a Question mark before the typeface name, PP handles this. This of course may well improve but it does rather hamper my use of two favourite typefaces of mine.

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"Add the value of the gutter next to the number of columns in the toolbar.
Ability to divide the page structure into columns."

I fully concur! It took me ages, including several attempts at the manual, to find a way to set gutter width, and I am not sure I could repeat the trick.

I produce a lot of A5 documents by printing four pages two up on each side of a landscape A4 page. In InDesign, I set up a two column page with 12.7 mm margins and a 25.4 mm gutter, and lay everything else on top of that. 5 minutes to set up, at the most. Doing it any other way involves too much calculating -- time I could use doing something more productive. Then I have to put the guides in by eye -- a potential source of errors. There is no display of the exact position I have dragged the guides to, and no indicator of when each guide is the same distance from the centre. Little details like that make a program so much more usable.

I have to add that, so far, I have found the manual unintuitive and difficult to navigate.

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