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  1. I'll bump part of your thread instead of creating a new topic: Regarding the Colour Chooser: I can't understand why the full featured Colour Chooser window can't be docked as a persistent palette, the same as the Colour, Swatches, Stroke, etc. palettes are presented? The same can be said for other floating "managers" like Snapping and Guides. There doesn't appear to be a functional difference between a Studio and a Manager that I can see. With many users having multi-monitor setups, leaving everything open all the time becomes reasonable. I'm wondering if a dev can explain why these two types of windows are treated differently in the interface? Thanks.
  2. Now that I started getting warnings from InDesign that our friends at Adobe are dropping support of Type 1 fonts in 2023, I was wondering whether Publisher will continue to support them? Adobe isn't offering any technical reason they aren't being supported beyond that they are old and don't work on the web and in mobile. Thanks.
  3. I've discovered it's definitely a screen redraw issue and not related to 1.8.4. I put 1.8.3 back on the affected iMac and the same issue occurred. After messing around with the Performance preferences in Designer, some combination of using Metal for Display and/or checking "enable Metal compute acceleration" is causing it. Some bug with this video card in this iMac (AMD Radeon Pro 5700 XT 16 GB) is causing it.
  4. Same thing; that was how I actually first noticed it. I thought I had a white box floating around somewhere but as I moved around using the scroll wheel or the Grab tool I noticed how it stuck to the same place on my monitor. While I've been an Illustrator user for more than 20 years, I'm still getting used to Designer so some of its quirks or differences have looked like bugs to me, or just better ways of doing things than Adobe. I just tried creating a new document on my home iMac that is also running OS 10.15.6 but has 1.8.3 of Designer. It worked fine. So perhaps it's a bug with 1.8.4 I think I'm going to reinstall 1.8.4 with a clean installer and see what happens.
  5. This has been happening for a little while: if i create a new document of any specs, I see the outline of the documents border as a grey box, but there appears to be a static portion of the document that is either white, or the transparency checkerboard if I've checked transparent background. The rest of the document background remains black. Zooming in or out or scrolling around will not change where this visible area appears on my screen; it's always located in the upper left corner of the window. It feels like it might be a screen redraw bug, but I'm not sure. I just tried a document I created in June and I can't seem to replicate it. I'm using 1.8.4 on a new iMac running OS 10.15.6. Thanks.
  6. Well, it looks like we don't need to worry about this. I just created a new document in the shipping Publisher, switched to Font Explorer and activated a new font, switched back to Publisher and the newly activated font was available. Well done Affinity!
  7. I've been promoting this app in the RPG design Facebook groups I'm part of too. I'm a full time graphic designer at a university, but used to do all of the layout for the RPGs I published. My main concern with it right now is support for third party font managers and how it deals with tables (my game's rulebook had over a hundred tables with some of them multi page). I still need to dig into the latest beta though ( It's definitely a pro app and not a warmed over word processor. VERY promising.
  8. Well glad to hear that it's on the list for planned updates. Without that feature, long document production is basically a non-starter, at least anything with more graphics than a novel. I just hope it's high on this list.
  9. I noticed that too this afternoon and set it to Linked preferred when I was making a new doc. However it didn't seem to work properly; the first image I placed was linked, but subsequent images were embedded. Although I'm still not sure how Publisher's Picture Frame and its content work together at the moment, so it's possible I'm just doing it wrong.
  10. Flipping this, if you have a square picture frame that already has content in it, can you change its shape using the direct selection tool or pen tool and grabbing the points?
  11. Seconded please. Font auto-activation is a must and a plug-in architecture to use FontExplorer or Suitcase or whatever others may use. Thanks.
  12. I would also hope that when you import a file, say an EPS, that contains Pantone or other solid ink colors, it would automatically add them to your document's swatch palette.
  13. I second the ability to add the gutter value to the toolbar next to # of columns and to divide the page structure into columns. Saves needing to create guides that match up to text box columns.
  14. In regards to templates, will you be able to save or export a Publisher file as a Publisher template? I'm looking for this app to be useful in higher-ed where we have a lot of people making stuff who aren't designers. The pros would like to create templates for the non-pros to use, and Publisher seems like it will be the right price for admins and the like to purchase. I see us having a big site license for Publisher and then the central administration designers can produce templates that all of the department admins can use. Thanks.
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