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David A

how to import .Pat file from photoshop into affinity photo?

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I have this pattern that I use at work for retouching in Photoshop. It lightens wrinkles with the stroke of a brush. its much simpler than any other form of wrinkle lightening methods that I know of in affinity. How do I  import my pattern into affinity photo? Here is the pattern and the settings I use for retouching in photoshop. if anyone can help me get it into affinity of some sort of equivalent solution i'd sure appreciate it!

649774408_ScreenShot2018-09-04at12_08_31AM.png.9d82d9f3fac1aefe09b3954dc01ce9a1.pngUntitled Patterns.pat

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Hi David A and Welcome to the Forums,

It's not possible to import .pat files directly and i'm unaware of a workaround method but if someone else does, i'm sure they will comment.

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