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Excellent so far.  Videos very informative, but not of the quality of Photo.  I fully understand this is Beta, and wanted to report an issue (Now 2)...

Cannot import Assets to a new Category - tried the import dialogue but will not import anything - maybe a Beta restriction?

Cannot download the completed brochure from the initial splash page Start Up Panel.

Will be back to report any other issues as found.

Good work Affinity.


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Hi Earlio,

I've just tried this on my Mac and both issues seem to working for me.

On the Assets Panel I click 'Import Assets' and select an AFAssets file. It then imports to a category of its own - by design it is not possible to import it to an existing category.

The brochure is also quite a large file, so might take a while to download - this can be seen by a progress bar that appears around the circular sample icon. 

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Sorry,  a restart fixed these issues for me.

Other than an issue with using the Tab key to hide the UI, this did not seem to work, I spent some time messing around trying to get the UI back, and then found the menu item View->Studio->Hide Studio which I must have selected inadvertently.

Thank you for the response.

Really nice Publisher app.


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