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  1. This seems to happen randomly. Sometimes the graph showing the levels shows, sometimes not, sometimes does not appear immediately, and then pops up. Very frustrating.
  2. Thank you for the comment. Did you also notice the Graph on Levels remembering the settings from the previous image?
  3. I have come across this issue after upgrading to Mojave. Slow loading, very slow tools (inpainting tool almost unusable). I checked and seemed that MTLcompilerservice was taking up 90/99% of CPU. Tried a restart, then restarted my 15" MBP 2017 with Touch Bar - same issue. I then went into preferences and unchecked Enable Metal compute accelerator, and the issue has improved, but tools not as swift as on High Sierra. Is this an Affinity issue, or Apple issue, please, and how do I solve so that I can get back the previous speed?
  4. Hi Filipe, I am sorry that the solution I found did not work for you. This is a very old thread, and relates to the previous version of APh. You should start a new thread detailing the issues, and hopefully Serif will (at some point) try to address the problems you have been experiencing. Don't forget to include details pdf version and the hardware you are using APh on. I wish you luck, and hope that the issue gets solved in a future update. Having kept an eye on the forums, there are users experiencing a plethora of bugs with the 1.7 release. I have experienced issues myself with the Levels Panel in Photo Persona in APh 1.7.
  5. Hi, Thanks for the post. Seems to be a similar issue to that which I have been experiencing since the Mojave upgrade. The problem with the workaround is that without Metal, the speed of (for instance Batch Processing, Tone Mapping, and other Processor heavy actions) is hugely effected, so going back to OpenGL is not really an option for me. So the updating of the Levels Panel is a pain, but not enough of a pain to make APhoto unusable, just frustratingly slow when I use it. Good to know, however.
  6. Hi Chris, The Metal issue would seem to be a recurring theme with my 2017 MacBook. It is extensively discussed in another thread. Metal is enabled. I waited more than 7 months for the update to solve the Metal Acceleration issues post Mojave update, and could not use Affinity Photo during that time due to the lack of speed due to not being able to use Metal at all, and had to go back to Photoshop during this period. It happens with every image. It would seem to update immediately in the Develop Personal, I use RAW, so I would have noticed any lag. I have just tried another image, and it seems to update instantly when back in Develop Persona. The Levels layer seems to remember the last setting, and this may be where the issue lie, I cannot think of a reason to retain the setting for the previous image in Levels. I have also noted that the update of the graph (Histogram) in Levels is particularly slow when working on a selection. I have tried with Metal disabled, and the issue does not seem to replicate. I tried with several images, but all seemed to update the graph immediately, however turning off Metal is not an option for me due to the long wait when developing RAW files, and the fact that Parallel Processing is then disabled when Batch Processing. The amount of time taken for the graph to update varies hugely, and sometimes does not update at all (I left one image for over 20 minutes and the graph had still not appeared). It would seem to have no relationship to the size of the image, to what else is running (I closed down every other app running except Activity Monitor) and the CPU Usage was under 12% - so does not appear to be a resource issue. You can see the settings being retained in the video. The indicator lines in the initial graph are those from the previous image, and this information would appear to be retained until the graph updates when the lines return to the default 0% Black and 100% White. There would appear to be no retention of the previous Levels setting with Metal disabled. Obviously it is not an option to switch between Metal enabled / disabled as this requires a restart, which is time consuming. MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017) 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3 I am disappointed that despite a very long wait for a solution, I still cannot use Affinity Photo to its full potential. Screen_Recording_2019-06-25_at_11_37_24.mov
  7. Hi Chris, There would seem to be a misunderstanding. There is no Levels layer in the Develop Persona. What appears to be happening is that the Levels layer is not updating immediately, and now is further manifesting with the Levels setting from the previous image, looping for a few moments, then updating. The graph also often disappears for several seconds as previously mentioned (I have been somewhat more patient and in one case waited for 14 seconds for a Levels layer to update). So far, as long as I am prepared to wait, the graphic display of the Histogram in the Levels layer has eventually appeared. Surely, this cannot be right for a layer to take this long to update? I have attached a video of the issue I am experiencing. Screen Recording 2019-06-21 at 10.32.41.mov
  8. Earlio

    Crashing while exporting

    Hi Chris, Thanks for the quick response. I have not had an actual crash (as yet) - rather I have the same issue as Anwarp, where APh just hangs, on a couple of images, these have actually saved. So what is happening: Save (I save as Affinity Openable .afphoto file - I have not noticed with any Export formats) - Box comes up "Saving" with meter APh hangs (the pinwheel starts and the meter halts) and the only way to stop this is to Force Quit Most of the time, the image has not saved, but on some images, the images has saved, so puzzling. Although this appears to be happening randomly, it does seems to be especially prevalent after resizing the image. I hope this helps.
  9. Earlio

    Crashing while exporting

    I am having there same issue - Mojave 10.14.5. MacBook Pro 15inch 2017 2.9Ghz Intel Core i7. 16Gb Memory.
  10. Hi, I first reported this bug 9 months ago. I was told by Affinity that this was a specific issue with 2017 MBP, the Mojave update, and the Metal Accelerator. Tried a number of fixes, and was eventually advised by Affinity to turn off Metal in Preferences, not to use Parallel Processing, and that the bug would be addressed "shortly" in the upcoming 1.7 release. I have avoided using Photo since, there were other issues with Metal. Today I downloaded the 1.7 update to find the same issue. What the hell are you guys playing at? Why was this issue not addressed? I am totally fed up with the standard of response, and having to wait this long, finding that you ave not addressed this bug. You were aware as others have reported the same issue! I feel that this is either that Affinity are not interested in the small number of users who own 2017 MBPs with Mojave, and just do not care.
  11. Hey Filipe, How did you get on? Did this solution work for you?
  12. Hi, I am sorry to hear that you have a similar issue. Onyx is a system maintenance tool from Titanium Software: https://www.titanium-software.fr/en/onyx.html I use this about every 6 months to clean my system and clear a number of caches on the Mac. It will check the integrity of your drives, clean caches (you can choose - I usually clean all except automatically saved versions of documents which is where your "open recent documents" are stored). Caches: Internet, Apps, System, Log Messages and Reports. Also will rebuild your spotlight index and dyld shared cache, Launch Services, reindex your mailbox and more. Often takes a long time to run, especially the first time, and I remember being concerned after watching the pinwheel going round for more than 20 minutes, but once finished usually gives a small speed boost. Make sure you follow the steps indicated in the previous post, as I did, otherwise it may not work. Onyx will restart your MBP (more than once at times). Make sure you save your Macros, Styles etc., I also took a screenshot to ensure I put my back tools in the places I moved them to, and am familiar with. Hope this helps with your problems with Affinity Photo.
  13. Hi, I first reported this bug 9 months ago. I was told by Affinity that this was a specific issue with 2017 MBP, the Mojave update, and the Metal Accelerator. Tried a number of fixes, and was eventually advised by Affinity to turn off Metal in Preferences, not to use Parallel Processing, and that the bug would be addressed "shortly" in the upcoming 1.7 release. I have avoided using Photo since, there were other issues with Metal. Today I downloaded the 1.7 update to find the same issue. What the hell is going on? Why was this issue not addressed? I am totally fed up with the standard of response, and having to wait this long, finding that you ave not addressed this bug. You were aware as others have reported the same issue! I feel that this is either that Affinity are not interested in the small number of users who own 2017 MBPs with Mojave, and just do not care. UPDATE After discussing this issue with a developer friend of mine, I have solved the issue as follows: Deleted current version 1.7 from my MBP Performed Restart Downloaded Onyx and ran, ensuring that ALL caches were deleted Downloaded app again Reloaded Settings for Macros, Brushes, Styles etc. All now working.
  14. Hi Ulysses, Nice of you to get back in touch. Yes, the current version of 1.7 does solve the issues, and is now close to release, based on what I read in the release notes. There are fewer fixes, and it would seem most of the major issues have been patched or rewritten. I have used it quite a bit, but also had quite a few problems with the Beta version. This meant I could not rely on it for work, so have been using a combination of Photoshop and Luminar. This has disrupted my workflow, but have got into a groove now, and am getting work done. I am quite impressed with the AI filters in Luminar, especially since the latest update. Selections have improved dramatically with PS, but of course the subscription model works out fairly expensive compared to the pay once pricing model. However, the upside of the subscription model is that updates are very regular, and swift - although there has been no major OS Upgrade in the meantime. I have become resigned to the situation. I have learned my lesson, and will wait at least 3 month before upgrading my OS, despite my concerns on security, and the fact that in this case those who would have suffered from this issue still could not update after 8 months. I will go back to APh, regrettably, I feel I cannot rely on it as my primary application, and I guess that the cost of PS is a cross I'll have to bear.
  15. 8 months and counting...
  16. 6 months on, still no solution.
  17. Hi Brucebot, This has been an issue with 2017 MBP's. Serif decided that there would be no fix for this issue and in October 2018 I was advised to await the release of Affinity Photo 1.7 at that time and told that the update would be released "shortly" - here we are four months later still awaiting a fix. That said, there is a kind of workaround, you have to disable the Metal Accelerator in Preferences, in the screenshot you show the Performance pane, here you have to uncheck the Enable Metal compute acceleration. This will slow down rendering, however will allow APh to work. The other issue affected by the Mojave upgrade is Batch Processing - here when using the New Batch Batch Job process, you will have to uncheck the Parallel processing option (bottom left) and this will allow the Batch Job to proceed, albeit completing each image before moving on to the next which can cause long delays when processing large batches of images, but at least allows the app to work. APh also has a 1.7 Beta version available, however, it is recommended that this is not used for "critical" workflows, and in addition you will not be able to open v1.7 Beta native format files (.afphoto) in the 1.67 release, but I have been assured that once 1.7 is released, the full upgrade will be available and all the issues with MBP 2017 will be solved. I am not holding my breath. I hope this helps you get up and running with Affinity Photo in the limited manner that many of us who (purchased a 2017 MBP, upgraded to Mojave and already had Affinity Photo installed) have had to put up with since upgrading to Mojave. It would appear that the small number of owners are not considered important enough to release a fix.
  18. Hi Ulysses, Thank you for your comments. I think that you misunderstood the issue, my reasons for the criticism, and have made some erroneous assumptions. Have you read all of the posts? Are you actually aware of the issues that I have been complaining about? Allow me to lay this out for you, to save from you form having to start at the beginning. I purchased Affinity Photo as an early adopter, and having come from a Photoshop workflow, I was impressed with the software, the tuition videos and the initial support. I bought a new 2017 MacBook Pro, and updated to Mojave, and it was immediately apparent that the software had compatibility issues. I had not jumped in with the Mojave update immediately, and waited two weeks, checked carefully to see if there were any issues with my major software packages, and after finding none, made the fatal error of upgrading. I contacted support and was pointed to this forum. The initial response was that this was an Apple issue, to do with the Metal Accelerator (MA) compiler. The MA had issues, turning this off this slowed the app down considerably, and led to some strange behaviours. I contacted Apple, who denied this was the case, and advised me to go back to the developer. I did so and was told that this would be fixed "soon" with the 1.7 update. All well and good for the speed issue and I was prepared to await the update. Some of the strange behaviours continue to this day, but are intermittent, and usually sorted with a hard restart, which is a pain, but I could/can live with it. Next came the Batch Job issue. Here the issues was brought to the attention of the Developers, and I was told once again that this was not an Affinity issue but an Apple one. That Parallel processing needed to be disabled. The problem here is that if I forget to uncheck the Parallel Processing box at the final stage, the app just gets stuck in a loop, and no output is produced. The only way to then halt this process is to Force Quit the app, restart, choose all of the output options again, remember to uncheck, and the output is slow, but works. Given that a significant proportion of my earnings comes from my ability to process photographs quickly, it has been a frustrating and difficult journey. I should have been clearer in my comment about the future with Affinity Photo. I have used the Beta version, and am impressed, this being a Beta version, however, it is not suitable for work. I have not said that I have given up on APh, rather that I would stop recommending it to others. How could I justify doing that given the issues that I have experienced? What if I did so and they then had similar issues? I believe that Serif have done a really good job with this software, but have had a very poor experience with support given the issues that I have outlined. When it is finally fixed, I am sure that I will use it as part of my workflow, but can no longer rely on the product. As I said in my earlier post, I understand that a minority of users have experienced this issue, but to have this attitude to users is, in my opinion, unacceptable. The coder I spoke to is an old friend, who works exclusively on software for Apple, and so I respected his input. He is used to issuing patches for software and was surprised by the issues and the time taken to address these. Whether it is relevant is a matter of opinion. I note that you said "it was apparent rather early on that you were headed in this direction´╗┐", and that is absolutely not the case. I needed software that works, and found that my options were limited due to the software not working and looked again at Photoshop. I am still not happy with the subscription model, but could not work with Affinity Photo. I wanted Affinity Photo TO WORK! I have tried several other packages, and was quite impressed with Luminar as indicated. Considering that you said you "wouldn't spend the sort of time that you (I) do criticizing software you don't intend to use´╗┐", it was interesting to note your comments about Luminar, you perhaps have a different idea to me about what being critical about software packages means. Up to the point where the app broke down for me, I was an advocate of this very comprehensive Photoshop replacement. I understand that you have not experienced any issues and are still an advocate, and I respect that. I do wonder if you had been in the position where the software was pretty much out of commission for almost 3 months, you would be quite so supportive. I truly hope that you never have such an experience
  19. Having gone in 11 weeks from an advocate of Affinity Photo to a critic, I was discussing the issues with a coder friend and he made the following comments. 1. It would appear fairly obvious that Serif do not give a damn when an issue affects a small amount of users 2. Given that this issue appears to have been fixed in the Beta version, a patch / fix could have been issued instead of awaiting an official release 3. To make affected users wait up to 3 months for a fix is unacceptable in todays marketplace I have now purchased Luminar, and although (once again) have had to go through a learning curve, the app is pretty quick, intuitive and has a lot of features - now including a library feature. I have now pretty much given up on Affinity Photo. The process to go through to to do a batch process, the fact that missing any one step means repeating the whole process, the fact that the only way to stop batch processing is to Force Quit, the poor response and cavalier attitude of Serif on an issue that makes the app unusable has been enough for me to completely revise my advice to others in terms of what to buy as a reliable and well featured Photo Editing app and tell others not to touch this with a bargepole. Hugely disappointed.
  20. Earlio

    Still no sticky settings ?

    I agree. The forum should have the facility to fork when off topic. Hey Ho. That is the internet. I shall not be contributing further.
  21. Earlio

    Plugins 1.7

    Have the same issues with Nik - have only tried the Google version - do not see the point of paying for the DxO version if it does not work...
  22. Earlio

    Still no sticky settings ?

    Thanks for your input. The DAM discussion is not for this post. 1. The mention of RAW Power was to compare the solutions 2. The addition of a browser to RP is not a DAM solution, it is a browser from which one can select specific images to Raw Develop, and holds no information on the images once developed. 3. I am aware that there have been many requests to AP to develop a DAM solution similar to Lightroom. RAW Power is not that solution. 4. Some here seem to be conflating a Raw Image Editor with Digital Asset Management, these are two different solutions to two different needs. 5. This post is about the issues experienced with AP & Mojave. 6. The post then got into sticky tools and preferences 6. Perhaps the best use of the Forum would be to fork the discussions separately, in order to keep the discussions about the original issues?
  23. Earlio

    Still no sticky settings ?

    I agree with CSP that these issues are not bugs, but app GUI design issues, and would fall under features. I would suggest a way to batch process RAW files would also be a boon. RAW Power have recently updated their app with the ability to select similar images with a built in image browser, where one can select the images by eye that require similar RAW conversion, apply the required exposure, colour correction, etc., and then out put. Repeating the process means a quick, clean set of TIFF's that can then be imported for further adjustments. Unfortunately, the app seems to suffer the same issues as AP with Batch Output using Metal Accelerator and so is not a solution. I can understand why AP handles RAW files in the way it does, but there are better solutions. I have not yet had the chance to fully explore the changes to the AP 1.7 engine, and when I have done so, I will comment further.
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    Still no sticky settings ?

    I have a similar issue with the preferences panes - I work a lot with images that are required at the same size / resolution for clients, and require thumbnails and sample (smaller) images for the client to view. I asked (way back) that the crop tool should allow user to change default size option. Instead, each time I work on an image where cropping is required, I have to go through the process of selecting Original Ratio for every image, a tiresome and unnecessary repetitive process. I then Batch Process the images to resize to the required (original) size, and can also run further batch processes to produce thumbnails and sample images in different sizes. Sticky tool settings, across all Personas would be an excellent upgrade.