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Automatically duplicating artboard designs

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I'm unsure whether this is a feature request or whether I don't know the name of the tool I'm looking for. Basically I've started designing my app icons in AD and just discovered artboards which make it really easy to export all the different image sizes Apple require and their naming convention. So I've set up a 'template' document that I use to do each app I'm doing but I currently have to copy/paste the design to each artboard and re-size which is time consuming (albeit not a lot).


It would be amazing if there was a way to automatically duplicate what's on the largest canvas to all the smaller ones and then if there's variation, 'detach' the sub-canvas from the master.


Hopefully there's already an answer but if not then may be there's something in the works! 


Thanks for Reading, I've uploaded my template in case anyone else needs it!

Icon Template.afdesign

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