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Spirals for Affinity Designer

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I have been asked about the file you get when you purchase these.  You get a zip file that contains a png preview and an Affinity Assets file.  The assets file is only useable in Affinity Designer as Photo does not currently have an assets panel.  Once the file is unzipped the assets file can be imported into Affinity designer through the assets panel. if the assets panel is not showing go into the view menu and select studio in the studio menu make sure assets is ticked. in the upper right corner of the assets panel click the little menu icon and select import assets browse to where you unzipped the assets file to and click open. The assets will import and you should be able to drag them from the assets panel into an affinity document.

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Hi angelize

on your submissision form you can create a faqs tab using the faqs box maybe you could add the instructions in there as well, just a suggestion lol



Jamie Bainbridge



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New F.A.Q tab now added to the spirals listing :)  I also addressed the fact that the assets file doesn't work with Affinity Photo in the tab as well

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