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Hello, guys!

Affinity's gotten me under it's spell. I've been using Affinity Photo/Design a lot in my 10-days trial to see if I can do everything I used to on Photoshop with ease. I'm loving it. Most things have even an easier workaround. So, masking is one of the cool different approaches I've encountered, and it's pretty simple to get along with. However, I couldn't—by any means—make the following mask/compositing technique work.

Am I missing something or just trying to explore beyond AP actual limits? Can anyone help me?

Following are step-by-step of how I do it on PS and, then, how it didn't work on AP.

Post-image: I forgot to write on the 3rd image, but, while inside the mask, I pasted it. :)








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By the way, even without inverting, there shouldn't be this black shadow, as there's the same blackness on the mask.

There should only be a gradient from white to transparent.

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I made it invisible in the layer below, as there wasn't anything wrong with it.

Also, fyi, the shadow is looking weird because it's not set in the right mode. I believe it would be overlay.

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Your post intrigued me, so I went off and got a car from some free stock image place, and duplicated your effect.  I didn't have a shadow for the car, so I made my own.  I didn't use Overlay, I just put the car layer on top of my homemade shadow.  More shadow tweaking is needed.

TK Car with shadow     ford-63930_1280.jpg

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Hey, Tkarl!

So, this technique is meant to preserve an original and detailed shadow to composite it into another BG.

There's no need to do it if you're just creating the shadows. You can simply create it and put underneath the car layer, as you did.

That first project is not with me at the moment, so I redid it to show you what I mean. This is just one case.

This is the original image, and I wanted to keep the shadows with all the nuances.

Resultado de imagem para car render


This is the compositing result. I used the gradient to make things fast, but a better compositing would be putting it on a road.



I'm also uploading the Affinity file, if you want to take a better look.


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