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Affinity Designer iPad: triangular grid not working?

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Without any serious vectordrawing app for the Ipad available, I’ve been waiting for Designer for iPad. When the release was announced yesterday I immediately bought my copy and started looking around to get a feel.

I’ve been trying the triangular grids, and am not able to snap at them. When at one zoomlevel a point seems to be close to the gridpoint, after zooming in or out the same point is far away from the same gridpoint. See attached images.

It looks like the displayed grid is some kind of approximation, and not exact. When zooming in or out I see the grid moving.

I’ve tried with millimeters and points as units, with the same results. Triangular grid doesn’t stay in place and I can’t snap exactly to gridpoints.

Using a normal square grids seems to be working perfectly, but for some drawings the triangular grid is very helpfull, if it would work well.

Am I doing something wrong, or missing something?


One other remark about the UI: In the snapping (and other) options, it’s not really clear when an option is toggled on or off. The white ‘off’ position is brighter than the blue ‘on’ position, making it easy for wrong interpretations and making me constantly re-check. I’ll get used to it, but it might help users if there’s an unmistakable distinction between the on and off positions.




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Working for me. You should see red or green lines as the object snaps to the grid. You may need to check in menu snapping preferences to see what options are set.



IPad Pro 10.5/512GB lpadOS 13.1.1  Affinity Photo Affinity Design Publisher for iPad ?

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Snap to grid and guides is active, so it should work.

I am seeing the blue/red/green lines that indicate I am at the grid, but as you can see in attached images, those lines show when the point is clearly not at the grid. The only action I’ve taken between both screenshots is zooming, and you can see in the 2nd screenshot the point is at a different position relative to the grid than at the first screenshot.

For some unknow reason, it looks like my iPad (Air 2) draws the grid wrong.




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2 hours ago, Lee D said:

We are aware of an issue with Grid Snapping not aligning with the grid correctly, this is with the developers to look into.

Thanks for the confirmation this will be looked into! I hope this will be resolved in an update soon, since I heavily rely on grids when drawing.

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