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Simple request would be that the rasterise feature actually acknowledge the bleed associated to the document. Currently it takes the trim size but for print related work it would be far more functional to be able to place elements into the bleed and then when rasterising have the finished article have the bleed included.

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YES! -- I just discovered this when getting a 28 page (artboard) children's book sorted as a multi page PDF with 3mm bleed, the original pdf took 3 hours to make, but I noticed a few unusual effects when you leave the app to flatten layer effects, transparency and wot not so figured I'd make a duplicate document and rasterise all the artwork before pdfing which resulted in the horizontal size of the flattened artwork being the size of the original biggest thing on the page sitting off the edges of the art board but the vertical on all pages was cropped to the trim size -- defo needs fixing -- pref with a bleed preview, which I'd prob have switched on all the time and only switch off to view trim -- at the moment my only option is to increase the page size H&V 6mm, place all to be rasterised in a page size box, rasterise and copy paste into the doc I want to export as PDF ---- ffffffffffffsfsssssfssssssssk

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