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Action Figure Photography (iPad Pro)

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Produced my first action figure photo shoot ;) So much easier than working with real people! 

Action figure was photographed by me on a miniature photo studio I built, and lit with speed lights fired remotely using radio triggers. The background is stock. All elements were composited in Affinity Photo on my 10.5" iPad Pro.





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8 hours ago, EZeemering said:

Over time I have bought action figures solely for this purpose, but they are all still in the box hehe. 


Good stuff, and I really like the idea of a custom miniature studio. 


Thank you.


I don't actually own any action figures. This character was borrowed for this test shoot. I'm not a collector, so spending money (they aren't cheap) on action figures that I will only need for a few days is a tough thing to do. When I was a kid, I had every single Star Wars character, ship, etc... and the same with the Transformers. All the originals from the first 3 films (Ep. 4, 5 & 6), but as I got older my brother and I destroyed them in a variety of stupid ways typical for kids. lol. I'm looking to others that have them and are comfortable loaning them to me for the shoots.


I'll try and post some images of the studio I made. It's pretty simple; A PVC frame with white foam core board as the base and back wall. I plan on adding a swoop in the coming weeks, as soon as I find a suitable material. Makes photographing these little subjects a lot easier.

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