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How to turn off anti-aliasing for text??

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Hello all,


I just recently bought Affinity Photo on both Mac OS and iPad. So far I'm loving what I see :)


However, having been a past Photoshop user, I'm a little stumped on how I can avoid having the program automatically font smoothing/anti-aliasing my text. In Photoshop when you made a new text block, it would easily allow you the option to change the aliasing/font smoothing in a drop down menu. This feature in Photoshop was especially useful when working with pixel art fonts like say the 04.jp.org font family. How can I turn off the anti-aliasing in Affinity Photo? I had done some searching in Google and here for a while. The most results I found was people saying you need to play with the Blend Options > Coverage Map. I honestly tried fiddling with those lined curve and notches.. dragging that line in the box to all kinds of weird combinations.. but I cannot for the life of me completely make pixel perfect font clarity without the anti-aliasing... So clearly I must still be doing something wrong.. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 8.58.54 AM.jpg

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Hi @zerophyte,


Welcome to the forum.


Please see below MEB's guide. 


On 23/03/2018 at 10:15 AM, MEB said:

Select all the objects you want aliased, click the cog icon in the Layers panel and adjust the Coverage Map as you see fit. See example below (the bottom one has the coverage map adjusted).






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