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What do you think of these concept art for a new stories an series I'm working on

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I love art so much and I love to tell stories... And I am making major plan to work really hard at writing a book, very beautiful with very strong powerful messages, so deep and very symbolic, it will make you laugh it will make you cry, and when you get to the very end it will make you all connect as a family, healing the bond and bringing you closer together than you ever were before.  I also created a magical kingdom. With a lot of very beautiful character, they are leaders in their own lands however they struggles to try to keep their home countries together, however with the help from the Ambassador of Long Heart Stone Night Wing  and his daughter Star Shine, they will go on one massive journey around the world helping world leaders come closer together to connect and work together to help solve problems in their own countries. And help restore peace around the world and help families come closer together and would leaders to work with each other to solve their countries problems .

This is so big and deep, I pitched the whole thing to my niece and she loved it, she said it was way better than my little pony, 

I even have story ideas for in the series... Here is an example...

Behold the Magical mystics wonder the  oasis of the cat Ponies nestled in the desert of the Lands of sands Ruled by a Beautiful Cat Pony Queen named  Moon Jewel … a golden stone Gem keeps the land lush and beautiful until  it gets stolen by a bunch or Rouge of Pony Camel bandits whom constally travel around the world stealing other rare and unique artifacts… this causes the oasis to crumble and die leaving the luscious land in ruins . Leaving the cat ponies are now refugees with no were left to go. Night Wing now Ambassador. Of the Kingdom of Long Heart Stone.. Hells the cat ponies move to other lands until the magic Stone is found  to help restore the Oasis  and bring it back to life so the cat ponies can go home..

This story is so Origional is unique it is very special, this will truly move and connect with refugees children and their families who are going though this situation, their homes are no safe to live in and damaged and unlivable.. 


Once I'm completed my core store that fits perfectly in this new world. and got many story  ideas lined up, that connect well with the story... I plan to pitch it all to the Entertainment industry, I am driven more than ever driven to get this out to the big screen and TV in the homes of children and families, growing a strong bond between children and their ponies 

















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On ‎3‎/‎19‎/‎2018 at 7:00 AM, affinity4Christ15 said:

Very good! I'm a 3D modeler. I could bring these into 3D life if you ever wanted. :) 

Groovy, however my #1 rule is only at your time and convince. Family first you needs too.

This is Crystal Frost the Core Character of my story that fits Perfectly in Long Heart Stone



Since you so kindly offered... Here is some Royals from the World  Long Heart Stone that I got done so far still have to work on their birthmarks...


Alicorn Queen Light Ray.....


Prince Vine Tree...



Alicorn King Blizzard Storm Hoof...


Prince Storm Cloud Stone...



Bat Pony King  Wish Wise



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