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(different) dimension of RAW vs JPG ?

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Hi, could be in raw few more pixels than in jpeg of the same shot?

I have

3456 x 5184 px in JPG and

3465 x 5202 px in CR2 from

Canon 600D.


Seems to be/show the same in another software, found this when tried to put another layer of original JPG over edited RAW.


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The Affinity team have commented before that some cameras output more pixels than are really usable, and advise omitting those edges from processing. Apparently some RAW processors follow that advice, but Affinity Photo does not and shows you everything that the camera provided. That gives you the opportunity to decide whether to keep it or crop it off.

From those comments it seems likely that you could find the camera-provided JPEG dimensions smaller than the RAW file, as the JPEG would have trimmed those unreliable edges off.

-- Walt

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I think, that Nero mentions the clipping of pixels in APhoto when developing RAW.

How many pixels does JPG have, when created directly by the camera?

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