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  1. could you please copy the functionality of all zoom measurements from navigator into top left corner? - number box and slider seem disconnected (not reflecting each other) - I can't drag slider in most cases (can just click to some point) no problems in navigator. Thank you very much! Found in Photo (RC2) and i think in Designer too.
  2. Hello, thank you for all hard work, I'd like to note that zoom measure (top left corner) is working more than before but still not perfect. - Sometimes a slider reflects Zoom change (with zoom tool) but mostly not. - I can't drag it - just click at some point on line. Working number box is must have (I was lost in scale without it as I don't use navigator too much) so maybe I just don't get the purpose of the bar next to it however predefined steps are nice! I wish and expect it works the same as in navigator panel... Thank you very much, Cheers
  3. Wow I'm glad to see it was my fault! Thank you for help and sorry for annoying comments about this topic. However the cursor seems to stay low-res anyway... Maybe I am just pixel-perfect terrorist. Many thanks to all of you!
  4. Sadly not good experience while painting. like stroboscope with every brush move between halfres brush strokes. Keeping me back from using Photo more... macOS 10.15.7 iMac Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017 Radeon Pro 580 8 GB flickering.mov
  5. zoom tool context toolbar bug: - also I would expect that I can drag the arrow to set the scale that way. it's stuck in place (just in some case it moves with mouse like on the beginning of screen recording) - you have to click somewhere beside. - slider with arrow doesn't reflect (update) when scale is changed in number-box next to it. Screen_Recording_2020-11-30_at_02_43_10.mov
  6. now: Thanks to @Chris B who pointed out I had not right setting for Retina rendering, I'm not sure now what's the default - imho for digital drawing/painting slow works better but It's superfine to choose. before: I'm still waiting for retina half-res to full-res flickering while painting bug to be fixed. I've post it many times and every beta that's the first fix I am looking for and the first thing I test... still not correct. Please, please fix it - it's so annoying... Thank you 🖤
  7. Zoom value (top left) still doesn't update when using zoom tool... There are still many more important bugs probably :( In sense of rendering graphic on retina while painting pixelmator or Ps still win. Saying that as fan I only wish this to be fixed. Looking forward, thank you!
  8. Sure @Patrick Connor - thank you for edit! I hope it will be solved not only moved... However good health to you in such a crazy time! 😷 (Big fan of affinity since the beginning.)
  9. Zoom Tool - context toolbar doesn't change have you noticed??? Sorry for being nervous about that but need to be sure in basic stuff (like how close I look) to make this awesome software rules! Best,
  10. Thank you very much! Great to see update more often than before, sadly drawing is still flickering (hi res / half res) when hovering with tool upon canvas and it's very frustrating for any work. Could it stay all focused one day please? I'm sorry for such impatience but MS Paint was doing well this basics in times of poor resolution. Frozen zoom value in context bar remains.
  11. Thank you very much MEB, It's still present in the latest beta - quite annoying as only true value refreshing itself when zoom change is the one in navigator. When Z tool is active there is no change in context toolbar (value % in top left corner is frozen).
  12. Just quick bug found: Zoom doesn't refresh it's value in context toolbar after using Z tool by mouse. Build on macOS Catalina
  13. So sad that after so long since the last release it still has bug I've reported here: Please listen to me and watch the video - even the brush cursor is raw as it was! Or is it something in Cupertino you can't fix? Or is it just on my configuration and all others use photoshop to paint on such machine? I can use it too thanks to my job but personally I want to hold on Affinity! Thank you for your effort anyway. I'm aware that this is still beta.
  14. Thanks for your reaction @walt.farrell This is amazing even with 20% off and also for full price compared to many other subscription-model tools! Plus I really enjoy the look of publisher (gui, site, etc.) - so slick and sexy, and so fast with all contemporary features.
  15. Hi! I'm definitely about to buy Publisher as I have beta already just curious if it will come to Mac App Store with the same discount and gift or is this special offer in serif store only? Thanks a lot. I'm so happy with affinity!
  16. Sorry I didn't try this very last update yet but in the beginning I thought oops is it really made for digital painting/drawing or is the Photoshop only solution? Last beta has blown me away by performance (even wacom have made update to it's firmware) so I was so happy and surprised (maybe there was still some delay of rendering strokes into retina quality but I could see what I'm drawing immediately). Writing this without testing just to say I'm really pleased by all improvements and frequent updates that push this software forward to be # 1.
  17. But still thirds not golden ratio (golden is just snail spiral). Even on the screenshot above. Thx @Ron P. for advice anyway.
  18. Please could you add golden ratio grid overlay into crop tool? I think it's much more useful than snail and thirds are... just thirds (somewhere on the photography blog was kind of discussion if artists really use that.)) Thanks a lot! Seems I have to switch into other software just to crop my pic (if i don't miss something).
  19. In document / canvas resize i'm missing Percents between units in a list. I'm happy that i can type it on keyboard and it recalculate itself, but what about newbies looking for calculator??? Cheers!
  20. text in top-left corner (Current Spread/All Spreads/Selected Spreads) missing piece of last character typed macOS 10.13.6 on iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017) <3
  21. Thx for your reply! Would be nice (if possible) to have the same appearance as in Designer... I guess Affinity goes further than other editors .)
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