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Migrate from DrawPlus X8 to Affinity Designer

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I am a happy user of Serif products. They give me great creative and professional results and are affordable. I see now that Serif products are legacy and a new Affinity range is in process. There are Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, and I have seen some teasers for Affinity Desktop Publisher (next generation of PagePlus which I use a lot). So I am glad that new range will have old products. My question here is about DrawPlus X8 and Affinity Designer. If I upgrade to Affinity Designer I need 4 key things answered:

  1. Can I open my DPP (DrawPlus) files in Affinity Designer?
  2. Can I import my DrawPlus gallery objects? (far right pane) into Affinity?
  3. All features of DrawPlus X8 in Affinity Designer?
  4. How hard is to learn from DrawPlus X8 to Affinity Designer?

The first three are showstoppers for me upgrading to Affinity Designer as I have lots of project and template files, and custom saved objects in DrawPlus Gallery to re-use in projects etc.
Just wanted to see what others have experienced (if they have migrated) and tips are?

I hope WebPlus will also be included in Affinity range so that all Serif products are maintained.

Thanks in advance

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Hi mnh,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

1. No, sorry. Affinity doesn't support DPP files (or other legacy formats from the Plus line).

2. No, not directly. You must add them manually to the Assets panel (the closest feature in Affinity Designer).

3. No, sorry. Affinity is a brand new line of software coded from scratch to take advantage of the new API/technologies available today. Compared to X8 it's still in its infancy - some features must still be added as we moved forward with the development.

4. This is a little subjective. I believe you will not have much trouble getting used to it since there's some familiarity between the two. In any case there's plenty of video tutorials to help you get started, you can check it's features/functionalities taking a look at the online Help and there's plenty of knowledgeable user and staff around here in the forums in case you have trouble with something. There's also a fully functional ten day trial available from our website.


There's no plans to develop a web development app similar to WebPlus in the Affinity line.

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