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Affinity Photo - Save As...

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I'm not seeing how it's more straightforward to have to deal with an export dialogue littered with various tabs and options if you've simply opened a png… and all you want to do is save it and be done.

In any other Mac app, not just Photoshop, the process is the same: Save As… if you need to put it in a different location than where it is currently (especially if it's but a temporary file). No options to select or confirm. Just Cmd-Shift-S… select the location you desire (Often simply by using Cmd-D for Desktop) and change the name if need be… hit enter… Cmd-W to close the window and move on with your life.

Maybe it's because I work under the drag-and-drop-to-open a file paradigm so much. I know of no better way to start with one thing and turn it into another. And it doesn't matter if the file you're dragging is even part of your filesystem. It can come from anywhere… the internet… an instant message… sometimes it can even be content from inside a different "file". Like if I'm editing text for a layout in a web development IDE and realize I need to quickly change a graphic… I can drag the image straight from the inside of one program and have it open in my image editor. I can do that with Aperture and Photos… it's very common.

And whenever I do this, 8 times of 10 I end up wanting to keep everything about the file (format, resolution, transparency, depth) the same but want to save it as a new version or in a different location. Export is way too tedious for this process. I don't see how it can remotely be more straightforward.

At the very least, Affinity Photo should respect the Cmd-Click on the titlebar paradigm that lets you quickly navigate the filesystem hierarchy for the file you're editing. With that, I could at least Cmd-Click and go to the parent folder of the file and then drag it out to my desktop and not worry about losing it when I hit Cmd-S.

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On 1/27/2018 at 2:01 AM, Fixx said:

Well, I have been using Photoshop since version 2 and I repeat that for most users save as/export difference does not matter. There are some far more pressing user interface differences.

I've been using PS since ver 1 and Save As/Export doesn't bother me either. All the main tools are there.

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hello Everyone,

I'm new in this forum and learning how AF works by using it, watching tutos and reading the workbook... Great app !

I am using AF as external device after developing within LR6. The external device file format is set to TIFF.

When i 'edit in Affinity' from LR and make some changes(layers, adj....) When i click on SAVE, it saves all the layers and the whole work in TIFF.

If SAVE AS, it saves as Affinityfile.

Why is, for the same project, the AF file smaller than the TIFF file ?



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