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Resizing image dpi

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I’m an illustrator. I’ve started drawing my work in Clip Studio Paint on my iPad, and CSP works best producing art at 600dpi. I was hoping to be able to use Affinity Photo on my iPad to resize these 600dpi greyscale .tiffs produced in CSP into bitmap .tiff files (1200dpi, black and white values only). Is there a way to do this? On my 2015 iPad Pro, it seems like the max dpi for an image file in Affinity Photo is 400dpi. Is that correct? Is there a way to change this? Even though 1200dpi is a very high resolution, my illustrations are not very complex.


Thank you.

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Hi Pbquach and Welcome to the Forums,


It does seem to be stuck at a 400 DPI limit.  However, if i start a new document it does allow me to set the DPI to 600, so i'm not sure whats going on.  Either i'm missing a technical reason for this or it's a bug.  I've just finished logging it for further comment from the Dev team, so as soon as i have further information i will update here.


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