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  1. Try your picture now. It was saved in DPP4 IMG_4841.CR2
  2. Jiri12

    Tiling when opening RAW files

    Hi Thomas! I canceled all Adobe SW after first try of Affinity Photo, but... But I have still a lot of problem in Develop Persona with Canon CR2. I love AP, but for Canon CR2 raw development I use only Canon SW :-). So now, I use Canon DPP 4 (this SW you have free with your camera) for development and then Affinity Photo. In DPP you can change a lot of think which you cannot in AP, e.g. Picture style, etc. My workflow: In DPP: 1. white balance, 2. lens correction, 3. raw cropping, 4. you can change Picture style (in my job mainly to Fine Detail), 5. try contrast, then save as tiff 16 bit, 300 dpi, Wide Gamut RGB. Then in AP sometimes a lot of adjustments (also in Wide Gamut), e.g. in Photo persona, Liquify persona, etc. Then export to pdf or tif or jpg. In my experience (with Adobe and Affinity), for developing Canon raw nothing compare Canon software.
  3. My business is (also) reproduction of paintings for books. And I need exact colour management, starting with colour reference card on the photo of painting, etc. I simply canceled all Adobe applications, because I love AP, but now I have serious problem during raw processing in AP, mainly becauce of white balance, but not only. So my work flow now is to process all RAWs in the Canon Digital Photo Professional and just after that only open the tiff in the AP. :-(( Maybe I need more practice :-)
  4. Jiri12

    Resizing image dpi

    Thanks a lot! It works.
  5. Jiri12

    Resizing image dpi

    And why, if I resize tiff or jpg from 72 to 300 dpi and Save, in the next opening is back to 72 dpi?