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Backdrop question. How do i make this?

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Hi guys, hope were all good!


Im struggling with this one. Im trying to make or buy a selection of backdrops exactly like the picture attached. You'll notice the colour is quite washed out, quite rustic, and its most importantly not a solid block of colour. 

Has anyone made anything like this before and how do i do it? Or alternatively, is there any decent shops i can buy something like this from? 


Cheers all

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 08.03.59.png

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This looks like something which is crying out to be done digitally! If you photograph the subject against a plain background, you can select that background in the image and make it transparent so that a lower layer with your desired background texture shows through. Slightly grungy textures like the one in your example are widely available, often for free.

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You can also find and download a bunch of free such background textures on the net. - Further you can also try to (re)color some digitally to your individual needs then!

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