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Designer Combining hundrets of Curves ?

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Hi everyone,  

here´s a Questin comming from our PR appartment.

We are Architects, and our Company produces Plans and views of Architectural Projects using  CAD software, that will be printed  as  PDF  files.. 

now, when importing them, Illustrator, as well as Affinity Designer seperate lines ore layer with for example dotted lines or to exploded separated lines..    so you get hundredts of seperated single shapes, that before belonged to for example ony on Autocad line, that was just told to be dotted...    and..  using Designer or Illustrator kills the possibilty to change their look afterwords.  

nevertheless, Designer seems to organise the seperated shapes a little bit further into Groups, and my question now is,   can i just select the segments inside of such a group and combine them into one single easier editable curvesegment ?   is there a way `?

screenshot pdf import erster vergleich.jpg

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You can select them and use the Boolean option, Add, to make them into a single entity.


In Illustrator, you can use various Select options to select Same by one of several different criteria. This function has yet to be added to AD.

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Depends on how the file is written from the originating application. I cannot remember if a dashed line property is supported in a PDF or not. But I am pretty sure it isn't in an EPS file.


Any way one looks at it, poly lines from a CAD application suck when needing to edit them downstream. I've had to deal with both my own CAD drawings and those from others. Your post that was added as I was writing this mentioned "print it again." Does this mean that these PDFs are being generated via a PDF print driver?


To be truly useful, editing should be at minimum with a DXF file or the originating application's file format (or a version thereof). There's only two products I can think of that are non-Adobe applications that may even have a chance of editing such files via importing. Of those (both are made by Corel) I would likely try CorelDesigner as it is both a CAD application and somewhat an illustration application. I know of shops that use both it and CorelDraw in conjunction.


If you would like me to try one of your drawing in CorelDraw (I don't have the other one), then I would just need it attached as a ZIP file. I know my much simpler drawings are fine as a DXF.



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