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First Affinity Designer Project

Greg F

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This is the first thing I have done with Affinity Designer.  It is a collection of banners, cover photos, and profile photos in various sizes for different social media platforms. Artboards and Symbols served me well for this project. I needed to move the red dot on each of the maps, and since it was a symbol, I only had to do it once.  Same with the Pig-Heart-Globe group. The export feature let me export all the artboards at once.  I'm loving it!




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Welcome to the forum Greg, and nicely done.

I didn't understand what the shape with the red dot was until I realised it was the location of Birmingham in Alabama. It looked unusual to me but I'm from the U.K. and I'm guessing that your potential audience will know exactly what it is. (At first glance I thought it was a stylised face looking to the right.)

It's a shame that the background doesn't tile nicely for the long shallow banner - there are some slightly off-putting vertical lines. There are probably lots of easy ways to remedy this but they would depend on how you've constructed the banner. As a fairly nasty quick fix I would be tempted to put a cropped portion of the background over the lines and use some transparency to get things to blend. (Not sure if that would work well without trying it with the actual images though.) I would also think about flipping the right-hand image vertically but then the plate would look very odd.

Another thing would be to ask whether you really need the line that's by itself. What's it there to do? Is it there just to fill in a bit of space? Does removing it make any difference?

My only other comment would be that the image at the middle-bottom has been squashed vertically and the onion(?) looks a bit wrong.

Anyway, it's a great first project and I'm looking forward to seeing more.

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I noticed the lines on the long banner as well. Otherwise, quite lovely!

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