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Hi there,


I just updated the new version, and I want to know these 3 features:

1. Align to key items

2. Custom brush wet edges
3. Outlier stacking mode


I searched but no keywords in Affinity...


Thanks for any suggestion!

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1. Align to key items is available from Alignment options. You will have two new options - First and Last. If you select a group of objects the First Align option will align all objects in the selection to the object which was selected first before all the others. The same applies to the Last Align option but it will align objects to the last selected object.


2. If you edit a Raster Brush you will have a new option to set Wet Edges and create a custom profile.


3. We're hoping to add some information about the Outlier stacking mode to the help in the future :) 

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up to now I have found no way to open the Alignment options (e.g. for selecting Align to first item). When I click on one of the icons (both panels) the action takes place in due course.

Double click does not help either.

I am using AD 1.6 and could not find a hint in the help menu.

Thanks for assistance !

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Hi, problem solved :-) It is the icon with the two left-aligned blue bars which opens the Alignment options - not one of the icons with the grey bars.

Anyway, this icon (with the blue bars) is almost not visible on a MBP (13") in the icon selection panel. It is squeezed to almost a single line.


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