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  1. Hi, problem solved :-) It is the icon with the two left-aligned blue bars which opens the Alignment options - not one of the icons with the grey bars. Anyway, this icon (with the blue bars) is almost not visible on a MBP (13") in the icon selection panel. It is squeezed to almost a single line.
  2. Hi, up to now I have found no way to open the Alignment options (e.g. for selecting Align to first item). When I click on one of the icons (both panels) the action takes place in due course. Double click does not help either. I am using AD 1.6 and could not find a hint in the help menu. Thanks for assistance !
  3. Affinity Designer 1.5 is great but how about the - often promised - option to add arrowheads to lines ? Is it available now ? Sorry for asking but I could not find it. Thx