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Affinity Instruction Manual (English) Download or Printed

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Hi the man Stan,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

The Help file is not available as a printed manual however some users have converted it to a PDF and shared it here in the forums for those purposes. You should find it in the Resources section in the forums (or through a search for manual + PDF). Although not exactly a manual - as it's mostly a project based book - the Affinity Photo Workbook (similar to the one we created for Affinity Designer) will be available soon and will also serve as an official guide for all features/functionality of the program.

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There is no real ,manual' in sense of having a printed everything-you-can-do-with-affinity reference book; The separately offered "Workbook" (available on amazon and directly from Serif), is more a creative tool that shows nice examples and step-by-step guides, showing some real-world ways to use Affinity Designers tools (e.g. what ,creating a fountain fill' can be used to achieve or what is a possible way to work with ,Bolean effects' in practice).


If you want a list of all features and explanations on how to use them and what they do, the included help file (Help Menu / Affinity Designer help, don't forget to have a peek in the table of contents, the small hamburger menu in the main help window) is the best way to get this comprehensive information for the exact version of the software you are using.

In addition to that, the official video tutorials (https://vimeo.com/affinitybyserif) are also kept up to date and teach a lot of interesting stuff.


At the speed the software Is evolving, every printed reference book would be out of date as soon as it leaves the printing presses, so, in my opinion the integrated help and regularly updated videos are an ideal combination for learning how to use Designer (and Photo).


In addition, you've got this forum where a lot of people (including the actual programmers), hang around, answering questions and help with everything you want to do. :o)

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We all realize that a printed printed manual might be a little silly nowadays; nevertheless some of us are moe accustomed to learning these things via the written, formatted, and pictorially enhanced word. I for one, really hate the early learning by video tutorial, and anyway regardless of what the youguns may be used to, reading a well written “from the compass to the world” how-to book makes for much more effective learning. 

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