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1 minute ago, MEB said:

Hi Marco (mkdm),
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
Thanks for your words and support. Affinity Designer is not a direct replacement/upgrade to the previous DrawPlus software. It belongs to a new line/suite of software created entirely from scratch based on an new codebase so their features will not necessarily match. In any case a few items you have mentioned are already on Affinity Designer's roadmap and will be provided as free updates before v2.0 comes out (the roadmap covers the entire 1.x cycle of Designer). Eventually a few more will be added within the 2.x cycle.


Hello MEB and thanks a lot for your prompt reply.


I understand your point of view and I can even understand that Affinity is a new line of products. No problem. They are very good products.

But I think that you should listen to your customers that like me have a long time experience with vector graphics and CG in general and that have to deal daily with many little or big problems in their job.


You said that "...are already on Affinity Designer's roadmap.."

Ok. That's good, but this situation lasts for a long time and no new "vector" feature where added.


Please consider that the tools I mentioned in my previous post and that are presents in DrawPlus, are not only very useful but essential in many aspects of my daily job,

and I'm still forced to copy/paste/export PDF, read again into Designer, doing these things back and forth many times and all my workflow is very slowed down.


I thank you again for your response and for all your efforts in doing Affinity even better but I hope that you will include soon this missing features too important for my daily job,

because actually I'm forced to use many different external tools that slowdown my workflow, and my workflow is my daily match...


Thanks and have a nice day.


Marco (mkdm)

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