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In good old Fireworks the shortcut key CTRL-K (Snap to Pixel) forced snap all of a shape's nodes to pixel edges. This is especially useful for avoiding anti aliasing edges where you want sharp edges. Would be a very helpful feature since now I often see myself dragging edge nodes to pixel edges after scaling shapes.

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I am using that constantly. On scaling however, pixels still end up anti aliased, all around a rectangle for example. Also, if you scale multiple elements, the scale value can very well end up at 1/2 pixel, you end up with anti aliasing at two or four sides.

Also, the 'move by pixel' option keeps confusing me, I find myself checking it on and off all the time trying to keep pixel perfect shapes pixel perfect.



just tested it - Force pixel alignment button on + move by whole pixel on > create (pixel perfect) rectangle > drag rectangle > still moves on half (?) pixels


Also: draw a rectangle pixel perfect, resize by value, you end up with the other sides anti aliased (obvjously)



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Hi MatthijsR,

There's quite a few things that affects this: are you setting the stroke alignment to inside or outside? By default Affinity aligns the stroke to the middle of a path, so even if the path/shape itself is perfectly aligned (the filled area), one pixel stroke will still  fill two rows/columns unless you align it to inside or outside. Regarding scaling: make sure you increase the screen tolerance value to force the scaled path/shape to snap to the grid in particular if you are zooming in constantly.


The half pixel alignment is controlled by the type of grid you are using: the automatic grid aligns to both whole and half-pixels; custom grids you set will align only to whole pixels.

Move by whole pixels is to ensure that objects yours want to keep sub-pixel aligned remain that way when you move them. So a 10x10px square positioned on X:10.5 px Y: 20 for example will end up with the X coordinate ending in .5px.

Without seeing you file and snapping/grid settings it's difficult to guess what's may be causing you trouble.

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