1.6 beta 9: OpenGL display of doc flickers badly when zooming while ants are on the march

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1.6 beta 9 (and beta 8)

macOS 10.12.6

2017 iMac 5K Retina


The document display in hardware OpenGL mode has extremely noticeable tiled flickering, revealing the background grey, when zooming while selection ants are marching.

Even an empty canvas displays the problem when there are ants, and does not when there are no ants.

Metal mode does not have the problem.


The problem does not  happen with 1.5.5 using hardware OpenGL.


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Hi Owenr,

I've been able to reproduce this myself on my Late 2013 iMac using 10.12.6 - I'll get it reported.

Thanks for letting us know!

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