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How does one reset the foreground/background colours to black & white? I am so used to a one click operation in photoshop - but I find this is not replicated in AP. There must be a simple way to do this but I can't find how to in all the video tutorials I have seen that relate to the colour palette.

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You can't but you can set a keyboard shortcut.


I think Shift + Ctrl + X is best because it is not currently used and X pops up in two other colour change shortcuts. X to swap colours and Shift X to swap Line and Fill colours. Keeps things sensible.


In Edit >  Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts select Miscellaneous from the second dropdown menu (File). Just type Shift + Ctrl + X in the box. Click Close and you're done.


The other alternative is to use Swatches. There is a Black and a White swatch permanently on display.



Windows PCs. Photo and Designer, latest non-beta versions.

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