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Clone/Heal cannot set source

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Neither the clone brush nor the healing brush will work. When I select the tool, a circle the size of the selected brush width appears momentarily in the center of the screen. When I press and hold to define the source, nothing happens - no circle appears, only the Assistant message telling me that for the clone brush you must press and hold. I am either on the background layer, or have Current Layer and Below selected for the source.


iPad 12.9 2015

iOS 11 Public Beta

Affinity Photo Beta


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Are you trying to do it with the Apple Pencil as opposed to your finger? I've found that these tools only work with the finger, which is why I, and others, have suggested numerous times that modifier keys need to be implemented to let the apple pencil work as a wacom would on desktop. Same goes for color picker

iPad Pro 12.9 M1/Mac Mini M1, in that order

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I just started using Affinity Photo for my iPad Pro 12.9 and was having the same issue, figured was just something I'd need figuring out later, so was very glad to hear about the finger vs pencil solution.


I do still need to know how to set the clone area to stay put vs trailing the pencil (or finger) as I clone.


Thanks! Very glad I found this forum :)



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