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    Arts & fitness : painting, photography, fiction, yoga, dance, music.
  1. MEB, I’ve never been able to get my text box to move without using my keyboard arrow keys - is that what ya’ll are talking about? If so, would using my Apple Pencil (vs my fingers or a reg stylus) enable me to move a text box? Thanks! Adan
  2. Goodness that was a lot of info I had no idea about! Thanks so much! Adan
  3. Incredibly useful info for me! Gotta save this for reference! Thanks!
  4. https://yogaadandotcom.files.wordpress.com/2017/10/dusk-is-lit-stowe-community-church.png Very cool, Alfred! Your patience and detail really paid off for me, thank u!
  5. Alfred, thanks so much for the info! I didn’t even notice the msg-option to display just the link. I did experiment to see if I could see it but still didn’t. I’m using the iPad Pro version - maybe it only shows on the desktop version? I’m not sure. Still really good info. Plus very helpful info re PNGs! I’m saving the email alert from Affinity with this same info for reminder/reference - I really appreciate it! Adan
  6. Alfred, very newbie ? on my part, but how would I do that? Clip or unclip the canvas? Flattened or unflattend? And I guess with the image layer selected? Affinity Photo has tons of great options & I'm slowly learning my way Thanks! Adan
  7. Callum, this is the msg I get on the image site: "You uploaded a transparent image. Transparent images work perfectly on all of our products except for prints (e.g. canvas prints)." So something about transparency must be the issue. Do pngs all have transparency, or can that be removed? Thanks! Adan
  8. No, only when I upload to the image site. They say there's a transparent background included, and they can leave it for imaging products (mugs, totes, etc) but not the fine art prints. I've tried selecting opaque only then clipping the canvas, and it seems that once or twice that works, but I can't remember exactly what I did to make that happen. I do flatten the png file too. Thanks, Callum, Adan
  9. Callum, thanks! The file is in my iCloud Drive and the "choose files" below only will load from Photos. I can try to move the file to Photos but not sure it'll stay a png. Looks like it converted to a jpg. Below is the png via "Insert other media - Insert Image from url" The link, in case this helps, is - oops, looks like it posted the image. I can't seem to post the link to it on Wordpress without it posting the image. Let me know if there's another way if needed to send you the image (email, etc). Thank you so much for looking into this for me. The png image quality is so much better than via jpg for my purposes (print sales, etc) but I can't seem to get rid of the extended padding (transparent or in color) in Affinity Photo. Adan .
  10. When uploading a PNG file (vs jpg) I haven't been able to keep the image from uploading without an extended padded layer. Sometimes it's transparent, sometimes it has a color. The image site I upload to gives me the option convert my PNG to jpg & removing the "padding." However, I lose having the benefits of a more detailed PNG file. How can I eliminate the extra space around my finished image before uploading? I've tried clipping the canvas, flattening then clipping, rasterizing then clipping, and probably a few other random things (smiles). Hope ya'll can help - thanks! Adan
  11. Haven't tried Lightroom Mobile yet, but I shoot HDR on my iPhone 5 and can then open in Affinity via either Photos or iCloud Drive. Just opened two versions of a shot done a few second apart this morning, one HDR and one not & the export sizes via Affinity then read 4.51 and 4.31 MBs. I did have a black-only image a week ago but wasn't sure which or why. Luckily haven't seen another since!
  12. Hi, I've exported a few pngs (not a problem to this point with jpgs) that I've then uploaded to an art photo site I use. There I get a msg saying though they accept pngs, they need to convert to a jpg to get rid of the excess transparent border I thought I'd cropped out. I've tried clicking the clip canvas command without any luck, at least in terms of my history tabs still showing the excess transparent border. I've tried to clip canvas cmd with the image flattened & unflattened, with the background layer selected & not selected. In PS I simply crop & the excess is (I think) gone from the final file. I'm not real great with PS either, so my learning curve is probably a little steeper than otherwise probably Thanks so much, Adan ps - below is the png file I've most recently struggled with, thanks!
  13. Thanks so much D; sorry for the late reply, still getting used to checking my email alerts for here - I appreciate it! Adan
  14. Steve, MEB, what would be my choices to fill the white etc? Thanks! Adan
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