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  1. Hi Thanks for that - appreciate your candid reply - hadn't realised I was in the wrong section!
  2. Managed to solve my problem ... there is an icon next to the various layers allowing one to upload/save either a slice or layer to a particular folder on a computer.
  3. I am not sure this is a bug but just trying to get knowledge in how to export a slice. I am new to this software and am using it on an iPad.
  4. I have followed videos etc and created a pattern. How do you save the actual Pattern itself without including the original small Artboard? Thanks
  5. mariner

    Polygon Marquee Tool

    Thanks Carl that's brilliant - should have tried that myself!! Appreciate your help
  6. mariner

    Polygon Marquee Tool

    Hi Sean Video made and attached Thanks ScreenRecording_02-04-2018_09-59-30.MP4
  7. mariner

    Polygon Marquee Tool

    OK Sean Thanks - will do and let you know when finished Thanks
  8. I am currently using version on my iPad I make a selection using the Sampled Colour Tool then tick the box at the bottom. I then go to the Polygon Marquee Tool (on subtract) to cut out any unwanted selections. On the first pass t subtracts perfectly. However, if I have missed something and go back it does not seem to want to subtract any more. Please advise - thanks
  9. mariner

    Uplift Epic Skies

    Many thanks - that is VERY helpful - much appreciated
  10. Could anyone please advise as to how the 'Uplift Epic Skies' pack can be installed into Affinity Photo for iPad please. I am running the software on a Mac laptop and iPad. Many thanks
  11. mariner

    Uplift Epic Skies

    OK many thanks Have a good Christmas
  12. Just came across Uplift Epic Skies tutorial on YouTube. I have not seen it mention in any of emails received from Serif. I am running Affinity Photo on my iPad Pro but can find no way of downloading this pack. Please advise as to how I can do this. Many thanks

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