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Fireworks command - Send to AffinityDesigner


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I write this command because I need to make perspective distortion on text/shape on my work and I found that kind of warp tool has stay in AffinityDesigner roadmap since 2014!

So I think I can do this in Fireworks and transfer the selected objects back to AD by a keyboard shortcut for quick.


  How to Install?


- download and unzip the zip file below, you will get the "Send to AffinityDesigner.jsf" file.


- copy & paste the .jsf to Fireworks installation path under "\Configuration\Commands"

   the full path should be like this:

X:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Fireworks CS6\Configuration\Commands



  How to Use?


- export eps from AD to Fw,


- make any changes in Fw that you can't do in AD,


- run "Send to AffinityDesigner" from Commands menu in Fw,


- now AD will auto load the vector/bitmap shapes from Fw without manual saving & opening,


- you can bind a keyboard shortcut for this command for extremely fast!



  Why not use Illustrator? I can copy & paste from both applications!


- Yes you can do that, I just write this for those fw users whom didn't buy ai.


Send to AffinityDesigner.zip



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42 minutes ago, Laura Ess said:

Thank you!

I bought Affinity Designer mainly because it was the closest non-Adobe app to come to Fireworks. I have over a thousand webcomic pages (all in Fireworks) that one day I'd like to export! Now if only I can recreate these brushes!

Fireworks Brush Samples


I am afraid you need to rasterize these strokes before transferring layers from Fireworks to Affinity Designer, fortunately Designer has its own brush setting, so we can try to simulate these Fireworks stroke's style in Designer for the new painting.

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5 hours ago, dvsDave said:

Hi @WaveF have you, or do you plan to update this for AD 2.0 ?  I need this badly enough that I would be willing to chip in some money for your time and efforts.

I am using a M1 series MacBook Pro now and do not have a PC for the test, try to remove "adPathConfigFile.cfg" under Fireworks installation folder, and run the command again, It will ask you to choose Designer.exe, then you can choose AD 2.0 executable file to see if this works.

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