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Turn off finger touch for tools on image, only work on menus

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I notice that I often have a tool, say inpaint tool selected and want to zoom or translate and when I go to pinch zoom/move I by accident very often draw a long line, which I then have to wait for it to finish before I can undo.

I never use the fingers to edit the image, I only use them to select in the menus,  but most often I use the the pencil for that too.

I think adding a toggle button, say in one corner of the display, that allows for panning with one finger touch + two finger zoom/pan but disables drawing or retouching with the fingers on the image.
I'm not sure how easy it is to differentiate between the pencil touching the screen compared to the hands, but I feel it would speed up workflow immensely by not having to fear to edit the image by mistake by touching on it with your fingers when you mean to zoom or pan.

So to clarify the fingers should be detected on all menus, and if I touch the image then it should only act as a pan/zoom tool, so unless the pencil is being used on the image the selected tool would be ignored.

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That option is already implemented in the most recent version (1.6.3). Select Preferences > Tools > Touch for Gestures Only. This will disable any tool input with your fingers. Only the Apple Pencil will be an input source for tools now.  :)

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Just tried it! It works like a charm!
This made my day!

Ok, so the only thing I then miss is a button to quickly turn this on/off in the main interface. Say if you switch to liquify, then you might want to use your fingers... but heck... I'm happy with how it works now!


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