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Hi there.. I'm sorry, but I feel like I have to give you my opinion on this one.


I don't think the squashed in S is a good idea. It looks like a messed up font to me.

Also the drop shadow is blurring things and making them harder to read/recognize.

The outline also makes the logo less clean in my opinion, it just makes the squashed S even more trapped. And I don't think that it adds anything to the positive/negative thing you have going. 


Also I would get rid of the shadow/highlight on the background, as I personally like a positive/negative logo to be flat.


Now this is just my opinion, and I don't want this critique to make you wanna stop from making another logo.


Cheers and  keep it up

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Yep, I also feel Paekke has some valid points.  I'm assuming this is for name initials?  I saw several of my graphic designer friends working on a similar project.  Maybe try making a few thumbnail sketches of different initials and pick the best out of at least 10 or so; small quick sketchy drawings help a LOT.  :-) 


If you need ideas for cool labels or fonts, just try pulling out groceries from your cupboard and look at the fonts there, or, if you can, visit the tea/coffee aisle of a large grocery store or health food store.  So many cute packages and designs!  Good luck!

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