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  1. I've had Affinity Designer since it was first available on Mac, and I've watched people request a bitmap trace feature for literal years. It is astonishing and disappointing to see such a fundamental tool for vector illustration, and it's bigger feature that will only keep Designer from surpassing its rival Adobe Illustrator. If you are looking to trace bitmaps, go check out Inkscape. Provided you can get it to actually install and work (I've had little success) it can trace bitmaps very well as a free and open source vector program.
  2. I can't seem to figure out how to delete slices that are created around individual objects?
  3. I would love to see a feature like this or similar to it implemented.
  4. ASBaumgarten

    Class project

    File won't attach
  5. ASBaumgarten

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    I've made two variations of the same logo using only my first and last initial. I'm looking for some feedback on which catches the eye better. P.S. Can someone tell me how to make a perfect equilateral triangle?
  6. Recently in my graphic design class we went over glyphs inside of Adobe Illustrator to adjust the printed text from text boxes. I'd like to see the same or equivalent feature in Affinity Designer. Glyph/Special Characters window: http://helpx.adobe.com/illustrator/using/special-characters/_jcr_content/main-pars/image_0.img.png/tp_27.png
  7. When editing I'd like to see the ability to edit nodes with numerical values to improve accuracy. Such as having the ability to enter the specific angle of the curve and the length coming off of it.
  8. ASBaumgarten

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    First project for my graphic design class

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